GemCraft: Frostborn Wrath, defend that path, do that math, take a gem bath

I typically use them as back line artillery, near the orb, which works well enough. That’s my problem with the game though, why mess with all these gems combos if I can just beat everything using pylons? It kind of makes everything else moot. (Of course if this game is anything like the last one, every level just turns into “Where can I build my mana farm?”)

I can’t afford to unlock the edge pieces. I think I need 1200 shadow cores for my next piece and I have around 300 right now. I should probably start bumping up the difficulty and doing Endurance runs to see if I can get more cores.

I went back and gave it another shot. And after another 10 hours, I’m done with it. Nothing is progressed. I reached a point where my ineptness with the game met it’s match. Not only is it so difficult to get to any progression of using anything remotely interesting, but after trying 30 min on my only two maps available to me, and failing both, I refuse to grind.


It’s a damn shame because I consider Chasing Shadows as one of the best TD games out there.

By grind, if you mean play the non-story missions, then yes I had to grind, but I find Endurance levels fun as well. You had to do that in the first one as well to boost your mana in the early game. That said I have had a couple dozen Endurance levels I haven’t even touched yet.

If I’m stuck on a story mission, I can usually just do a different one. I have 4-5 available currently. Just did an all trap, almost all swarmlings level. I lost on the final few waves, I just need to go in and adjust skills for it.

I think it is basically the same game as the first one, but I do think the last one was better. They had time to refine that one though, maybe this one just needs more tuning?

Great googly I can’t beat E4 to save my life.

And there is nothing you still have to unlock to help? I am not that far, so I have nothing.

No, I’ve unlocked every skill I can I think.

I’m WL. . . somewhere in the 120s. I don’t think grinding is the solution. It must be one of approach. I tried pytlons (2x3 towers, 1x3 aps, 2 pylons) and it fails miserably (interestingly, even at pylon skill 20, I’ve found it much less effective over the past, say, 7-10 journey maps. I’m winning but often with quite a few banishments taking place and a couple of times things got hary in the last few waves). I’m talking “oh wait I didn’t make it to wave 10” miserably. Needless to say, it’s one of those fields that has some mechanics to it.

So I deicde “ok I’ll try some traditional towers and amps, maybe a trap” but the variants of that I’ve used got me a little farther but nowhere near the end. I’m overreacting to one map development (Beacons start spawning and in my last few attempts I was throwing a grade 4 or 5 gem at them right at the start and I think that’ soverkill; most of the beacons have cardboard for defenses). Also, it may help to remove the 20 points I have in totems for this (doh). Probably to go into resonance for damage.

It’s an interesting map. But I am beating my head against it.

Is it a level where you don’t have the armor breaking gem so you have to use traps and pylons then?

I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks when I get there. I am WL ~68 currently. Haven’t found a Journey level I can’t do yet, but sometimes I have to go do a few others first.

Like I said pylons were a hard fail for me. Level 20 in the skill. It did have armor. The problem was more one of monster volume and the mechanics the map throws at you. The standard pylon “feeder” layout, with a ix of T4 and T5 gems, could not keep the Pylons shooting enough and two pylons wasn’t enough to keep up with all the monsters.

I did beat it. The first thing I did, on examining my talismans, was realize I had made a previous error and that I could in fact make a row of 5 consecutive shapes. I had two sets of shapes that I could possibly make a 5-square line with. One was missing a right-edge piece. The other, I thought, was missing an inner piece (with the dumb luck of having one edge with a dupe, and a corner piece that did me no good). But it turned out I did have a third inner piece I just missed it.

Redoing the grid did require some work. In fact the storage limits make it really annoying. I wish there was a “temporary” area that was more than 5 squares even if it was only temporary. But my starting mana bonus went from, uh, something like 124% to 174%. This was not a huge help, but it was a help. Using 4 towers, 1 Amp as the main, I build like double the number of extra towers for [redacted] than I had been. And I focused upgrading on my “rover” gem a litttle bit more than the main defenses.

It was still very close. It didn’t help that I missed a purple apparition thingy on two occasions and it ran off with one of the core defensive gems (I was able to get it before it left the map but that disrupted things considerably). I was sweating a bit over the last few waves. I probably should have consolidated the 4 main minion killing gems a bit sooner.

So I hit WL 149. I decided to do a bit more endurance farming. A + layout of turrets and 2 amps, just using mana gems (and 15 mana leech skill) did pretty good on the very first couple of maps. A couple of zones later, however, and it felt like it was falling of big time. I’m sure armor shred (the lack thereof) was part of the culprit. P revious attempts to do traps didn’t net as much experience but I may try that route again. On the balance I picked up like 23-25 levels though. There wer epeople reporting they could hit 250k doing this at ~wl 130 but I’m not seeing it. Maybe they have very different skill allocations than I do, but I couldn’t come close and I was hitting similar wave #s where things were going south (generally 60+).

Just hit 76 or so, but I finally found the armor tearing skill and that is making a huge difference. It’s made some of the other levels with lots of armored stuff easy, so I should be able to unlock some more stuff and conquer more endurance levels.

My shortage of shadow cores is killing me though. Maybe I need to start farming endurance levels?

I`ve reached wizard level 150, got around 65 fields to choose from. And it wasnt hard to get there! Maybe you should look up some beginners tutotials how to play this game. I got so much mana i dont know what to do with it. Well, that there are people crying about this game make me love it so much more :) hey, they even moved the skills and battle traits out of the trial levels for the weeping people out there, lol

Not to speak for him, but he did play the last one and liked it. This one is slightly more difficult, and going from where you had everything unlocked to this one, I can see some people not enjoying that. Now that I am finally unlocking gem skills, I am enjoying it more, but I am over 30 hours in too (yes, I suck).

I haven’t played a trial since the change. Too frustrating. I don’t think I understand the mechanics well enough to be good at them.

If you still want them beaten to have it complete, you can look up solutions on youtube for each trial level

I will probably at some point. In the last version I used to do them, but there weren’t so many and were nice for an occasional challenge.

This game brings my 4 year old laptop to it’s knees, even with no monsters on the screen.

“Consensus” seems to be that the Ritual trait drives core farming again this time around, and it will be a ways before you can get it. Until then, yeah you’ll collect some from doing endurance runs to level and the occasional juicy wizard stash.

I just did my first ritual farm attempt and got 258 cores, which is nice but I probably shouldn’t have done other traits besides ritual. I really need to unlock the crit gem too.

Welcome to the forum. How interesting that you chose to not only make your first post in a TD thread, but your username is ungoogleable and you’re trolling! I’m guessing you’re a sockpuppet personally but in the unlikely uniqueness is the world, you have decided to make a brand new user name, and post on QT3 and troll me (I love how you say you just love people crying about the game! So choice!), you might want to read other TD threads we have here.

EDIT: It was wrong to guess a sockpuppet name and I apologize b/c the person I guessed would never use a sockpuppet lol. I do think this is a sockpuppet, but I’m perplexed as to who it is without indisputable proof.

How does pylon damage work? I couldn’t find anything in a search, and in game it doesn’t make any sense from what I can tell. I will have a pylon with less hits/kills with higher damage, while surrounded by the same number/level of gems as another pylon.

No idea, and I think part of the weirdness is because of pylon hits chaining. I bet a lot of kills are stolen that way. And I’m not sure the damage is counted right at all tbh.

Oof, stuck on C4. A Grade 9 gem surrounded by 8 amps with grade 4’s can’t do it. With 20 each in mana flow, resonance, true colors. WL 159. I guess I’ll go grind some more but it’s getting to a point where I can only get a levelup for say 100k and so far I don’t seem to be quite up to making a proper mana farm or anything like that. Maybe I should dial back on traits some (I’m not even running that many).

I posted this originally in the old Gemcaft Thread moving it here:

I cannot beat Z4 Endurance to get the wizard stash. Getting frustrated, read guides watched YouTube no luck. The swarmlings just kill me each time I try.

I am wizard level 134 and what is frustrating to me is that even if I try to grind anywhere else so I can beat this map/wizard stash eventually I find it hard to make any progress.

What i everyone using for their skills? I have tried all types of combos. Did I make the mistake of grinding too much before getting some of teh wizard stashes earlier?