Gems of War. The wait for PQ fans is over (sort of)


LOL, yeah, I’m using my armor to help with my gold production. I looked at the other armors but they only other one that seems worth getting is the one that cost $25 or whatever it is. So working on unlocking content and then leveling up all the purple cities/factions, whatever they are called to level 10 to unlock the magic bonus.


I normally hold on to mine to purchase the troop packages that include the harder to get Arcane stones for upgrading the traits of the higher rarity troops. I watch them weekly and when one includes one I need to upgrade one of my better troops, I buy as many as needed. I like to do that as opposed to trying to grinding battles trying to get them.


Can I get an Invite for AIDAN_MFKP my son who is playing loads


A new week, back to the PvP grind. I’m hoping to do more of the higher battles so I can get to Tier 1 faster and have more time to do other stuff in the game.


That’s definitely one of those things that gets much easier as you go. Once you get to the point of fighting the highest value opponent each time, it’s around 20 wins each week… which eventually becomes 20 or so fights, and no more than half an hour to get up to T1. It’s an odd inversion of the normal F2P progression, where it’s more grindy when you’re doing the early game ~15 points per win fights.


My team strength is like 5700 right now so I end up fighting the 2nd level opponents 80% of the time with an occasional level 1 or 3 thrown in. I guess the positive thing is it seems PvP is the quickest way to get seals so at least it is helping with that too.


I am addicted to the treasure hunt minigame.

Not really feeling the rest of it, but addicted to treasure hunt :)


Wish I could give you my maps. I have like 400 of them and generally dislike the treasure hunt for some reason.


It’s my favorite too. No idea why.


For those of you like me who are rocking the warlord class, that is a class event going on to help you gain some xp. I’m not sure if it is worth it or not as I’m not sure how much XP you gain from normal games vs. the class event. Do you get 1 xp for every battle normally?


I’m getting 1xp per battle for my priest class normally.


The bonus XP comes every 5 fights, where you get 10XP lump. It also looks like I’m getting 2XP/fight in the challenge. So if you can finish 5 fights, it’s worth 20XP.


I got through the first 5 and am working on the 2nd batch. Difficulty really ramps up though between the first and 2nd and I only have 4 mediocre troops that I can use so I probably won’t make it much farther. Well 3 mediocre and my hero.


Yeah i only have 2 troops, my warlord is level 20 now and i just hit level 60 odd, not bad in 2 weeks


I really struggled with the delve this week, lost both times against the final fight. I did hit level 100 though and I’m about to hit Warlord 40.

It’s nice to see we are hitting 10K now on the guild seals, we’re gonna need handful of new active members if we are going to get to 20K though.


If there is room can I grab an invite for JACKRW8_LGZN my other son is now playing thanks


I could be typing it wrong, but I get a “Does Not Exist” on that invite code.


Checked it again it is

JACKRW8_LGZN all in capitals.

JACK RW8 _ LGZN but all one word as above


Thanks for all the hard work! I didn’t realize we were getting 10k seals and turned in like 24,000 on chests yesterday. I even got a new mythic!


I just hit level 82, Opened the soulforge and dungeon. Also done all of the Underworld.

Addictive little game as well. Love the way there are no energy meters etc, you can just play as much as you like. Might actually chuck some money their way seeing how much I am playing it.

Thanks for my sons invite, both happy playing away as well