Gems of War. The wait for PQ fans is over (sort of)

Click on their portrait. You then may need to click on the different cards that pop up to find the effects.

Also, if it’s wearing too many buffs/debuffs it will only show 2 at a time and slowly cycle through all of them.

Thanks, I somehow overlooked that traits are basically buffs.

I’ve now unlocked the Titan class and I’m working on finishing Pan’s Vale and I’m having quite a lot of issues already.

Would now be a good time to start exploring the other kingdoms and trait up my units and main class?

Fwiw my current comp is (all without traits):

Titan with avenging falchion,
Alchemist (lvl 16)
Lady Sapphira (16 I think)

Edit: replaced skeleton with Elwyn from Pan’s Vale and the team is much stronger now.

It is usually a good idea to go broad with the kingdoms. Are you in a Guild? If so, they shouldn’t really expect much gold from a low level member. I’m still pumping a lot of my gold into my Underworld Hoards, rather than the Guild. I’m only completing Guild Tasks when I don’t have the Treasure to upgrade my Hoard. For you, one new fledgling kingdom usually provides more income that one more level in a more developed Kindgom. Also, the different kingdoms all provide different traitstones, so you will want to focus on certain kingdoms to acquire certain traits.

Some traits are much better than others. So, you may not want to use precious traitstones for all of them. I rarely get the traits after the Bounty trait for my Bounty Hunters as one example. You’ll really need your traitstones to develop your kingdoms as well. Finally, you’ll see your group change as you pick up new, better troops, or come across better combos.

The Titan’s best Weapon is probably the Mountain Crusher hammer from Khaziel. Falchion is a good weapon overall. I remember running the Lady Sapphira for a very long time. Alchemist pairs nicely with her and the Skeleton is a good troop as well.

The Skeleton is an example of a troop whose traits really aren’t that great. Two life isn’t much for other Undead, Double Skull damage is great, but only against Knights not so great. Those Immunities also aren’t all that great.

Lady Sapphira’s last trait is pretty good, but needing to get the first two probably doesn’t make it worth it. I still haven’t gotten a single trait for her, because she is an Epic, and her traits cost a lot. Of course, if I still frequently used her, I would be more likely to get her traits.

The Alchemist has three good traits and is only a Rare troop, so his traits are a good value.

Just saw you’ve replaced the Skeleton with Elwyn and that is probably a good switch, but you are going to be sacrificing some of your precious yellow gems when he destroys a row. However, still probably good since the Alchemist can make more. Elwyn’s traits are all pretty good as well, but costly.

Finally, you are doing all the other mini-games aren’t you? Like the broad Kingdom strategy, you are usually better off doing a little Exploring, a little Questing, a little Dungeoneering, some PVP, some Adventuring, etc, rather than just grinding away at one particular task. 1000 Gold for the Arena is pretty expensive, but can net you a lot of Gold, Souls, Glory Keys and Trophies.

My current group is
Titan with Mountain Crusher
TINA-9000 (my only Mythic)
Elven Bard

Thanks to the person(s) responsible for getting our Guild Keys up to Level 6, I just got my second Mythic and 4 new Legendary troops.

Yep i got another Mythic specfic drop which seems a lot better than levelling up a standard troop to Mythic

Thanks for all the advice. I’m in the qt3 guild so I already reaped the first rewards from it. After I made that post I made the following changes to my setup, as per advice from a friend who has 6k hours in the game lol:

Titan (still in the leveling process) using daemonic khopesh (7 cost blue, 15 DMG to weakest enemy)
Elwyn (my new favourite unit)
Lady Sapphira (to be replaced by ranger when I can afford to level it up)

I’m still working on unlocking kingdoms but at level 70 this feels like a solid setup so far. I can often finish fights in 4 to 5 turns if I can chain Elwyn.

Edit: is now a good time to open guild chests? I have about 600 seals saved.

I’m struggling for a good combo still. Unlocked a handful of classes, trying to get bard, but stuck on the last fight.

Still have a handful of dudes at level 5, warlord @level 5. Level 1 towns across the board.

Unlocked archer, mechanist, orazcle, orbweaver, priest, sorceror and warlord.
6k souls, 420 gems, 1400 glory, 40k gold, 420 guild thingies.

What’s the best path forward? some of the battles are ridiculously hard now (bard quests for example).

Level 6 is as high as they will go, so this is the definitely the best time.

Trade in your 420 guild seals for the level6 chests now / this week as that’s temporary and we normally only get to level3 sometimes 4.

I would focus on a primary team and get them all the way leveled, focus on synergistic skills. Use you hero in front to tank + deal skull damage.

You can trade in glory for chests as well, might be helpful at the low levels.

I’m not sure, so maybe someone else can comment, but I think you should be spending your extra gold on arenas if you can get the consistent 8 wins, or leveling your towns now with a focus on leveling up the ones which give you bonus to magic?

Priest was the first one I reached Level 100 on. However, your class is going to be somewhat dependent on your troops, just as the troops you pick are somewhat dependent on your class. Available weapons will have a strong impact on Class choice as well. It’s all about the synergy.

@Sareln is right on with his suggestions. Glory can also buy you Souls, Troops, Gold, Gems and the only reason you may want to stockpile is to buy multiple troops if some weeks Glory troop meshes with your team really well.

As a Guildmember, you have a weekly inflow of Gems, so you can start spending some of those in the different Games. You can also use them for straight out buying things, but I think it is more fun to use them in the Games, as you can get a little further in the Game and get Rewards for that as well.

Definitely don’t keep beating your head against a tough fight. Find something else to do, gain a few levels, find a good, new troop or something and that tough fight will be totally doable when you get back to it. The nice thing about being in a Guild is that you are getting resources coming in even when you aren’t playing the game.

I’m level 51 right now.

Most fabulous troop is orange infernal king. The rest are all over the board. Working through synergies, but the warlord/red axe with that infernal king ult has been pretty good.

I need to clear out all of the noob stuff I neglected in towns.

I’d focus on getting your hero and infernal king to max level. You don’t need to unlock new class quests entirely in order to unlock more kingdoms. Your other two slots should go to daemons/blighted land troops if you can manage it for the 3/kind bonuses to build around the infernal king.

If you haven’t spent your glory yet, it might be worth it to pick up the glory troop from this week since she fits (Daemon/Knight + Blighted lands) that. You would use her ability to make 4-of purple connections to keep chaining your turn. Maybe same with the hellcat if you’ve got it?

Hey. I joined the guild from a connection at OO but since everyone over there seems to have gone silent or stopped playing I created an account here (which I’d been meaning to get around to doing anyway) so I could more easily talk to you all.

Been saving my orb of clans and hoping to coordinate so we can get another big boost like Kyrios gave us.
32 Orb of Clans
4 Major Orb of Clans

15600 seal boost from me. If together we can get to 40k it be great.

I’ve only got the one (basic) orb left over from the last time. Weekly production is roughly ~9K on good weeks, so that leaves us at 24.6 If someone has a similar number of orbs stashed then it could work.

I dont have much 1 orb i think

I’ve got 11 baby orbs (3300 seals).

I counted earlier this week, or last and was a little over 10k. So, were getting pretty close. Maybe we can do it next week.

Welcome to QT3 @Stwheeler, and thanks for being such a great Gems of War guildmate.

By the way, do we want a way to work the honor system?
I used to hand out a lot to PVP opponents, but then thought it might be better to start using it on guildmates. So, I mostly give them to whoever is contributing in the weekly event or donating gold, seals, etc.

How do you do that? I’m happy to pass out honor as well, but I don’t know the mechanic.

I think you just click on their name and you have an option to give them Honor.