Gems of War. The wait for PQ fans is over (sort of)


Thank you kindly! I look forward to contributing.

Woo! I unlocked my first Mythic troop today (the new Umenath that is exclusive this week)! I should really go over my roster and see what I can do with the units I have because I’ve accumulated a few legendary troops too, and I’ve been using the combo of Alchemist-Elwyn-Lady Sapphira for so long that I’m getting really sick of the playstyle, even though it’s very effective.

I did my maths wrong and came up 9000 seals short of the necessary 40000 we need for the final tier. Anyone want to pitch in?
@Kyrios @Stwheeler @Sareln @Bateau @Destarius

I think they’ve released a new Mythic since November, haven’t they? I need a bunch of the old one’s anyways.

I unfortunately don’t have any orbs to help :(

Yeah I burned up a couple orbs to cash in some chests already. If we are close I can try to get a few hundred in games in after work, but I wouldn’t count on me and I wouldn’t have time to make a big dent at all.

Done. We are over 40K.

Thank you kindly. I got one new Mythic, and few new Legendary.

Oooh, cool. At a minimum I need to open a ton of guild chests to get the new Guardians, might as well do it while they’re super good guild chests. Thanks!

I saw this a little late, sorry! No mythics for me from chests but I’ve grinded enough for my first 4,000 diamond mythic. Any suggestions?

If I could only have one mythic, it would be Infernus. Other top picks that do unique things (as opposed to just “better version of a legendary”) would be The Possessed King as something that’s always nice to have, High King Irongut and/or Ubastet for big delves or explores… Pharos-Ra if you still need souls, though that will eventually pass.

Sounds like good advice - Infernus or Pharos Ra. May be I’ll leave it to RNGesus and craft whichever comes up first in the Soulforge!

Is there still a guild? I belonged to the Qt3 guild a few years back, but my account got borked somehow and I kind of lost my will to play.

Now I’m slowly leveling back up, but I’ve forgotten the guild name.

There are only a few active members currently in QTThree Part Deux. All you need to do is provide your Gems of War account name and I could Invite you to join. Unfortunately, we’re full of inactive members, so we would need @kyrios to boot somebody to make room.

I’m not sure if my account is still in the guild, but I’ve been thinking about downloading and playing again.

I am myself one of those inactive members - I did most of my Gems-ing during downtime at work, and it turns out in a WFH situation I end up reading books or watching videos or whatever else, instead. I am happy to do any necessary guild admin and/or pass the leadership to whomever might want it, just let me know.

My “Invite Code” is


I assume that is also my account name. If @Kyrios can find my old account (probably some variation of Tin_Wisdom), that would be a good one to boot.

Invite is sent

Yay! I’m a guildie once again!

I really wish this game had cross progression. I spend real money on the Xbox version.