Gen Con '21

Guess this works in Games. I did a search for gen con but came up blank. Hope this isn’t a duplicate.

So it’s three weeks from now. Is anyone going? I was thinking about it but I’m back at my old job again and Covid is on the upswing. They are doing a virtual con to run along with it, and they are also requiring masking for in-person attendance.

I’ve had the itch for the last couple of years to go but Covid is like Cerebus guarding the gates to the convention. I don’t want to chance the demon-dog.

Did anyone do any of the virtual sessions last year? If so, how was it?

I have tickets and a hotel - but I’m still not sure if I’m going. The concert last night I attended where everyone ignored mask rules has me leaning toward ‘pass’.

My group opted out this year early on when vaccination rates were looking abysmal in the US, and I can’t make the trip work without splitting the costs among a bunch of people. Heh, I think we were gonna be up to 11 in the Party of Bards crew last year before everything went to shit.

That said, a masked/distance GenCon sounds miserable. I’ve kinda murdered my hearing with decades of concert attendance, and it was hard enough to hear a table-ful of people in the Before Times when I was just contending with ambient crowd roar, much less everyone muffled by N95s or whatever. And I can’t read social cues from facial expressions nearly as well. And ugh, door stops and temp checks and distanced lines, and tons of vendors/companies pulled out this year, too.

Still better than the online stuff. Good god do I hate playing games online.

Sorry, I’m very grumpy about having my favorite annual event coopted by covid twice in a row. Really hoping the US can manage not to fuck things up enough that I can go next year. I’m hoping to start doing more official demos of a product I’m hoping to release eventually and want to build some momentum there.

I live right next to it and we are skipping it this year. this is not a covid safe area in my opinion and I have no reason to believe that people are going to make this any safer than the rest of the area has been. I would like nothing more than to be able to do it and I really miss the block party leading up to the event, but it seems all risk no reward to me personally at this point.

Nope, my group decided very early this year that we’d skip any major convention and instead go away for a week together to play stuff. Did that first week of August and it was a blast. Even when things settle down as far as public health, we may make that a regular thing and only do conventions every few years.

Agreed. Indy is less then 90 minutes drive from me, and I love going to GenCon, be it the full 4 day experience or even just for a Saturday dealer hall, auction and premier events drop in. BUT…

…The Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky area seems to be ramping up again with COVID cases. People here have just the right mix of “it never really got that bad here” and “muh freedumbs” to end up making COVID peak at or above its highest previous levels in the coming weeks. It probably won’t get as bad as Florida or Texas, but I still would not want to be attending an indoor event with thousands of people from all over the country here in the next month.

As you said : All Risk, No Reward.