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This is a subjective statement, of course. ‘Less safe than in a car’ /= ‘not safe’. To take this argument to its extreme, traveling in a car is less safe than traveling by plane (even a Boeing one). That does not mean traveling by car is not safe.

I understand that when I ride I am less protected, and drive accordingly.

When I was younger, I had duty rotations through the mortuary for a month each time. So many motorcyclists, and sometimes in even “self-skid” situations with clear roads, good weather. I think riders know how much risk they are taking on, and perhaps that’s part of the thrill and that somehow tragic accidents won’t happen to them.

I’m not a motorcycle apologist, but humans are bad at estimating risk. Eating poorly or smoking statistically robs you of way more life (and quality of life) than motorcycle riding, particularly if the motorcycle riding is done at normal speeds and without alcohol impairment. Driving a car is dangerous. Climbing ladders is dangerous. Taking prescription pain killers is dangerous. There’s something like 1 motorcycle fatality per 3 million miles driven, but half of those are involve overspeed, a third involve alcohol and half involve helmetless riders (in states where it’s optional.)

I mean, it isn’t. Anything less safe than driving a car is pretty damn dangerous.

Also really dangerous! Famously so!

I used to have a Bike. Lost confidence after I got hit by a van. Ironically, I was doing 20 mph, as it was coming into a village and to a bend. The van driver was on my side of the road and hit me.

Another irony was that I lost the court case because the judge basically said “Male + young + motorcyclist ==> must be at fault.”

I lost confidence riding a bike after that (also confidence in the legal system) and never rode again.

That was Dec 2007 iirc.

I sometimes think I would like to have another go.

One time, I was the passenger on a friend’s bike and we hit 119 mph. Pretty scary when you can’t even hold onto the bars.

Same reason a plane accident gets more attention. It is sudden and dramatic and you are very dead very suddenly.

Smoking no doubt kills more people, same with rubbish diets (diabetes etc) but you don’t get diabetes or lung cancer in the space of seconds and then end up dead.

I think this has an evolutionary base. Avoiding something that could cause acute death, e.g. a lion, is easier to manage mentally, as opposed to something that might kill you many years from now, but has a payoff right now.

RIP the young man.

I rode a lot in college…in oregon back in the 80’s no helmet laws. Drove all the time and am so thankful I made it unscathed. A friend’s brother died on one, another friend’s father too. I love riding but wont do it anymore.

The father of my ex’s oldest two daughters (who I raised for almost 9 years and still claim as my own daughters) died in a motorcycle wreck at 21, the day before selling the bike. Not his fault at all – someone ran a red light and smacked into him right as he started to venture into the intersection. (I mean it could be argued he wasn’t paying enough attention, but he did have the right of way and the other car did run the red light.)

Haven’t even thought about getting on a motorcycle since (only been on one once, as a passenger, anyway) mainly because it would stress the girls out unduly.