GenCon 2018! RPGs, Tabletop, and Cosplay, Oh My!


I’d never even heard of it until a couple of days ago, when I saw it while poking around on VRV. But I’ve seen Matthew Mercer in a ton of shows and I’m sure it’s hilarious.


I haven’t played an RPG in years, but signed my son and godson up for a couple this year. They convinced me to play one, a Savage Worlds Gotham without Batman. The guy who ran it was great and we enjoyed it quite a bit. My son especially, since he knows a lot of Batman stuff and so did the GM. The GM went with what the players said and had a great experience.

They played 2 more RPGs, Part-time Gods and Amp: Year One and really enjoyed them. It was pretty great to talk to them after the game because they both were excited and wanted to talk about the experience.


I missed meeting up with any of you. bit of a bummer. Had a great time though as always


Yeah. The downside of my scheduling there (9 RPG sessions + 1 seminar) and going up with a gaggle of IRL friends is that I had very little time to break away and just try to meet up with people. I was so happy I managed to catch Morgan at the dealer hall on Sunday morning, but was sad I didn’t get to catch any of y’all at that point.

Glad you enjoyed the return, @Seppey. Savage Worlds is a lot of fun. It’s about the most “crunch” I’m interested in these days, but it does it very well.


Thanks Armando. My son definitely prefers story over simulation they had a great experience. they even played Shadowrun Adrenaline, a streamlined Shadowrun, and it was run without a lot of crunch so they liked that also.

I did get to meet up with @Harkonis and some others. Played a western themed kinda tile laying game that i cannot remember the name of. Harkonis did not like when i took a tile that would score me 8 points but left a tile that would score 13 points for someone else. Jokes on us since that person didnt win. I came in 2nd to last. It was a pretty neat game that came in a small box; I would play it again.

Then we played Hail Hydra, a Marvel themed hidden traitor game (type of game which my son loves). Turns out I can tell when my godson is lying but not my son, so danger :-(
Played Secret Hitler with a different group but including my son. I gave him the chancellorship when he was Hitler and we lost. I believe he has always been honest but i learned i wouldn’t know otherwise.


Carson City

Hail Hydra


Great write-ups @ArmandoPenblade, I really enjoyed all the descriptions of the games and the people. You should write a blog or do a stream of your game nights…I would read/watch for sure.


I am mostly a little surprised and touched folks read all (or even some) of that. I keep meaning to do more formal write-ups, but time. . .

I am tinkering with something that calls back to a post I made here a long time ago about a game I want to develop, so maybe y’all will hear more eventually :)


Oh! Is it a PnP RPG where you take on the role of an Antifa Brawler, Social Justice Wizard, Media Scribe or Comedic Cleric (laughter heals all wounds) to fight the forces of tyranny, fascism and injustice and their hordes of mind-controlled zombie citizens and foreign special agents to save your beloved Republic of Penbladia?

No wait…that’s real life.


Posted my GenCon board game report in the Boardgame thread, if anyone is interested.



No, I am delving back into the JRPG system I have been trying to craft for well over a year now. Trying to find mechanics that support and highlight the elements of those games I want to bring over while not bogging you down with so much tactical cruft that I just recreate Pathfinder.


Read all and thoroughly enjoyed.


Also read and enjoyed :) thanks!


I read the write up. Great stuff, high drama, I was cringing and laughing along with you. Mostly cringing, I am shocked at some of those GMs.

I ran my second Westmatch / Freebooters / Dungeon World game last night. Will write it up once the post-GenCon reports slow down.

Shadowrun Anarchy. :-) A good but underdeveloped system that I have also enjoyed. Glad they liked it! That book may be a “one hit wonder”, out for two years with nothing else alongside it.


One hell of a write-up, thanks!


Thanks for that write-up, @ArmandoPenblade. Super fun to read. I am considering going next year, and your post simultaneously made me excited about going, and filled me with dread.

Holy hell that dragon age game…


Good Christ. I dunno if I just got lucky last year or fantastically unlucky this, but that was an extraordinary kind of Hell.

I really do recommend it. There’s just a stupendous variety of awesome shit going on 24/7. TTRPGs out the ass, of course, but also CCG tournaments and play areas; boardgame tournaments and play areas; game demo areas with publishers; videogame and VR play areas and tournaments; cosplay competitions and shenanigans; seminars from writers, game designers, musicians, streamers, and more; workshops on everything from chainmail making to sushi making to Harry Potter-inspired yoga; filk and nerd music concerts; etc. etc. etc.

I obviously go HAM on the RPGs, but last year I attended some really awesome seminars, including one on the function of randomness in game design lead by the designer of Gloomhaven!


I’ve always thought that once they went online with the signups and schedules they should have included some kind of ratings system where registered participants could rate their experience after the fact. That way GMs who are no-shows or consistently awful could eventually be barred from hosting events (you’d have to really suck though, not just have one bad game or a batch of belligerent players), and GMs who are really good could perhaps receive special recognition such as premium venue placement, live streaming and/or badge or merchandise discounts. The object being to reward good GMs to keep them coming back so you provide players with the best experience possible. The best ones for certain games could possibly even get sponsored, which in turn would drive sales of the sponsors games at the con.


I read the whole thing and not a single mention whether your Tifa Lockhart or Yuffie Kisaragi cosplay outfit was better received ;)


I had a wardrobe malfunction with the former and got kicked out of the JW Marriott… Alas!