GenCon 2019: Are You Ready to RPGumble?!


TBH my own health stuff (awful back, sleep apnea, and constant stomach issues from the massive amounts of pain meds I take) make the trip harder than I’d like, but it’s been worth the effort the last couple of years. Hoping you can be well enough to make it out sometime soon :)


It always is a blast. I am glad I am not doing the pain meds thing anymore. It wreaks havoc on the gut.


My wife & I will be at GenCon this year again! Except this year it counts as a business expense! :)

And I will most certainly sign up for one of @ArmandoPenblade’s sessions again.


I’m currently in the plan making stage with my gaming group from up here in Michigan. Assuming that all works out, I look forward to a meet up with as many QT3 folks as possible!


Would love to do the whole 4-day geekathon like in days gone by, but time and money are my limiting factors these days. Having kids in both college and high school leaves little left over for dad’s geek stuff at the end of the day. =)

That said, I would love to see if I could show up for Saturday again this year since I only live 90 minutes drive from downtown Indy. I’m going to talk to my older son and one of my friends, both of whom have gone to GenCon with me in the past, and see if either or both are interested in a day trip this year. That probably won’t leave me enough time to participate in one of your sessions, but I could at least drop by at the end of one for a meet and greet or something.

For anyone considering going who isn’t sure if there is enough there to justify the trip…trust me, THERE DEFINTELY IS. GenCon has grown exponentially since it first moved to Indy. After the first 6 or 7 years GenCon was there, the city of Indianapolis happily invested tens of millions of dollars to nearly DOUBLE the size of it’s already large Convention Center, plus added multiple downtown hotels, all to accommodate GenCon, and GenCon reciprocated by pretty much immediately utilizing all of that new space. If you are at all interested in analog gaming, GenCon is the premiere convention for it. You can spend all four days there just wandering the immense dealer hall demoing games, talking to designers, checking out the huge auction, marveling at the cosplay/costumes, meeting celebrities/authors, watching performers and soaking in all the nerdy glory.


Hey @ArmandoPenblade, any chance you could livestream one of your sessions? No idea if that’s even possible let alone desirable, but there’s not really any way for me to get out there and I’m RPG-curious. You always make it sound like a blast.


Most likely I can’t fully livestream at GenCon–even if I could get the camera setup cooperating well, the data connection there for me (T-Mobile) is actively horrible at all times when I’m anywhere near the Con grounds.

That said, I’d be happy to record a session of mine sometime soon. I’ve actually been playing with ways of doing so here lately, so if/when I figure it out for my group(s), I’ll definitely post here :)


I was going to go this year, but the person I was going with had to cancel and it looks like I’ll be going next year instead.


So, I must admit I haven’t been to a GenCon since it moved from Wisconsin ( <- old guy). What is the convention like now days? What do you guys look forward to? I am so tempted to go, and its in my own state! Is it still mostly devoted to PnP, or is it a bit more diverse? @ArmandoPenblade kind of made it sound like there is a lot more going on these days. (The GenCon website is really horrid at providing details!)


Yeah, the website won’t be super useful until they start approving events in a month or three; check out the website I linked above for a really slick, sortable, searchable event catalog from last year.

While tabletop RPGs still dominate the listings, probably accounting for close to half the programming, there’s literally tens of thousands of events to choose from covering everything from the previously discussed wargames, videogame tournaments, TCG drafts, boardgame demos, workshops for everything from cooking to crafting and dancing to painting, seminars from game devs and authors, workshops, round-tables, movie and TV screenings, dances, cosplay competitions, charity drives, escape rooms, LARPs, VR demo stations…

It’s nerd heaven, man.

For me, I’m all about the RPGs, but I’ll squeeze some seminars or round-tables in during my breaks, and try to eat meals with friends near cool stuff like impromptu concerts and Werewolf tournaments. Plus the camaraderie of the big trip up there with some of my best nerd buddies!


I also haven’t been since Wisconsin. I think I went in 1996 or so.


As I mentioned in my post above, GenCon has absolutely exploded in the past decade or so. It’s now more than double the size it was when it first came to Indy in 2003 and draws three times as many people (over 61,000 gamers in 2018). It is as diverse as you can possibly imagine, with huge halls devoted to PnP gaming, CCGs, board gaming, and miniatures, a giant dealer hall with demos of dozens of new games, True Dungeon (a sort of interactive LARP/RPG with multiple rooms and props), meet and greets with artists, authors and media celebrities, workshops on dozens of topics, cosplay everywhere, an auction that runs 3 of the 4 days, and of course hundreds of events like Armando’s, where GMs host games in the halls, conference rooms and hotels all around the con. It’s massive, and a ton of fun.

Check out some pics from 2018 at Ars Technica. They also have galleries from 2017 and 2016 too. It’s hard to convey the sheer size and scope of the convention from any one picture, as the Indy Convention Center is huge, and the con spills out into all the surrounding hotels as well.


Suddenly I want RPG Gumbo


I was hoping for an interview with RPBryantGumble.


I mean I did bring gumbo to my regular Monday night game this summer, along with red beans, rice, and some seasoned corn. . .


“RPGourmet” is a fantastic restaurant idea.

Come for the food, stay for the game!


Looks like our group is a go! Went ahead and got my badge and everything.

I will absolutely be watching this thread for info on @ArmandoPenblade Fate Core sessions and doing my best to make it to at least one!

If anyone wants to organize some kind of QT3 meetup outside of normal gaming sessions, maybe a dinner or meet for a drink or something, keep me in the loop!


Heck yes, man! Definitely hope we can hang out and game.

It looks like my group is planning to stay through Sunday night this time around, which is a little weird, but nice. I don’t feel quite as compelled to cram my schedule knowing I can actually enjoy the Sunday morning events without feeling like I’ve got to get the heck outta Dodge.


My wife and I will be there Tuesday night (Trade day for me this year!) through Monday morning. Definitely up for some meet ups!


I feel better I read the title as “Are you ready to RPGrumble”, and the voice in my head said it:

RPG-Grumble not RPG-Rumble ;)