GenCon Interviews

I’m not sure if some of you saw these (the Sid one got mentioned in another thread), they’re from last week’s Gen Con and some contain new or different information. The Sandy Petersen and Dave Arneson interviews are pretty interesting and I got some good Godzilla info. Asheron’s Call made a very impressive showing as well. I remember long threads about some of these games, I thought maybe these interviews might spark more wild speculation.

Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons

Chris Klug on about Earth and Beyond

Bill LeVay on D&D Heroes

A. Scott Glancy on Delta Green and Call of Cthulhu

Mathew Ford on Asheron’s Call 2

Paul Jaquays on his career and Age of Mythology

Scott McCarthy on Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

Sandy Petersen on Call of Cthulhu, Age of Mythology and other tidbits

Mike Wallis on Eve Online

TJ Wagner on Mechwarrior IV

My goodness, Mr. Bub… you have delivered the goods on Godzilla. Looks like I’m getting a Cube in my trick or treat bag this year.

'Zilla is pretty much pushing me over the edge on that purchase. I’ve been shy about getting a gamecube based on the nightmare I had some time ago… I’d found a gamecube in this old house, and we plugged it in and started fiddling with it. Suddenly the thing started sliding apart and then this guy showed up… he looked like Mario but all decked out in S&M gear with about 1000 pins in his head… Shudder…

The Mech4Merc thing reminds me of the time I spent with TJ at my first E3. We talked a lot about the game itself, but we talked much more about everything else… so I’m pretty sure you could have extended that article to about 10 pages if you didn’t have to stick to topic, hehe.

Interesting that their target was a P2 300mhz. Wow. So, since you’ve seen the game in action, does it look remarkably better now that it’s “unleashed” for modern machines?