General Speedrunning Thread - Gotta Go Fast


I only ever lightly got into speedruns, but never had the time or patience for them. However I was able to get respectable times in a few games, namely SMB3 and Metroid Prime. Nothing that would make a record, but firmly in the range of ‘you can do better, but only if you dedicate dozens of hours’.
Getting 15 minutes and 2 hours 100% felt great. But it’s a young mans game, and I just kinda lost interest in the whole concept. Probably because there are so many games to play now that dedicating on a single game makes little sense.


Yeah, that’s just it. I enjoy playing games too much to turn 1 game into a full time job. That’s about what it would take to get good enough at speed running. I’m not willing to miss out on all the other great games.


That’s another aspect of it - I don’t want to devote the time and effort becoming expert enough to speedrun one game when I could be playing a dozen other games. I need more variety in my gaming experience.


I’m amazaed by the Getting Over It speedruns. I mean, the game is built to be annoying and clunky and the average person needs hours of trial and error to make it to the top. And yet some people do it in less than 2 minutes:


Yeah, that’s amazing. I’m still stuck at the point he gets to at the 25 second mark.


What the hell did I just watch? A shirtless man in a pot climbing a whimsical “mountain” with only a sledgehammer…


Mmmmm, yeah basically exactly that. It’s the indie masocore platformer that became some kind of streaming hit about 6 months ago


And here’s what playing the game looks like for everyone else:


I generally enjoy watching short skill-based speedruns the most. The only game I sorta speedran myself was Baroque on PS2. Loved that game when it came out and it took me 40+ hours to beat it the first time, but I was always curious to see how quickly I could get through it considering there are really only like 5 things you have to do to complete it. Only did one run of it, but it only took like 3 and a half hours to finish. Not the best game to speedrun, but it was cool to see how quickly I could get through it. Would like to try a more serious speedrun in the future.

My favorite streamer Pete Dorr got into speedrunning last year and he got two of his runs accepted to SGDQ this year! He will be running Club Drive on Jaguar and Spider-Man: Web of Fire on the 32X, both of which are under 15 minutes. Even if you aren’t into speedrunning you should check him out on Twitch. He plays a lot of obscure and niche games on a variety of systems, always on real hardware. Here are his GDQ submission videos if anyone wants to check them out:


It’s the new game by Bennett Foddy of QWOP, CLOP, GIRP and Pole Riders (Sportsfriends) fame.


You have selected an acronym which is entirely not googleable.


Divinity Original Sin, sorry I thought everyone had played that stupid POS game. (which is the best game ever until the last act, then it goes to complete shit). I can’t help but slam that stupid POS game.


Which here, clearly, stands for Piety: Original Sin.


Aw damn, that’s not Poop On Stuff? I was hoping they finally made a Triumph the Insult Dog game.


This was amusing:


I’m watching on mute, but man, that Conker’s Bad Fur Day segment reminds me of the whole game. It’s the most frustrating platformer I’ve ever finished. It was a matter of finishing it for the sake of the humor and story, but even the humor wasn’t that great IMHO. Lots of poop and pissing jokes.


The actual speedrun doesn’t start until 8:30.


I’m a big fan of speedruns and tool-assisted superplays. Glitchless or glitched depends on the kind of run and the kind of glitches - a run like Super Metroid Reverse Boss Order might not exist without them, for example, but “clip through wall, skip three testchambers” in Portal has always felt a bit messy. I also tend not to care for RPG runs unless they’re very short or particularly entertaining, because I don’t want to watch someone navigate menus for eight hours.


I was thinking about starting a speedrunning thread. Well, here is one.

What peaked my interest fairly recently was learning there was a new fastest super mario brothers time made in February. This record was actually filmed live, and you can watch it here:

Don’t fret, it takes less than 5 minutes to watch. He begins having a banter with his his viewers, and as the run progresses he gets more and more focused and serious.

If you are like me, you think, wow that guy is good, but wait… is that how that games works?
Well, somebody else put out a 30 minute video discussing everything that went into beating the game in under 5 minutes. Honestly, knowing the sheer amount of knowledge that went into “breaking” the game to shave time is almost as impressive as the frame perfect time it takes to execute:


Nice Mario run.

Speaking of Mario, I guess most of you guys have already seen this one, but this has got the best mechanic explanation video ever. It’s not even speedrunning anymore, it’s button press running by travelling through parallel universes: