General video game discussion thread

For the life of me, I could not find a thread for this. I wanted to share this article about the brilliant videogame music and art scene in the UK, but I could not find a suitable thread for it.

Anyway, here it is!

I’m guessing the idea is the forum is a place for general game discussion :)

You should probably just retitle the thread and make this thread about the specific article you shared.

Or maybe a middle ground would be to make this a thread about music that draws inspiration and references from video games?

That ought to be around the right balance between generality and specificity.

If you made this a thread about food, then by the transitive properties of QT3 it would also be about all games, movies, tv, and politics.

That’s a good suggestion, but then it’d be a couple of posts, if even that, and then I’d feel stupid for making it.

Could we not use a thread for general video game banter? They tend to be really good over in the Movie section. Like, what if you really hate bullet sponges (like any normal human being) and you really need to vent about it, where does that go?

I thought about this, but then I started questioning if that belonged in the Music section or here. Chip tunes and video game music is obviously hella fun.

I’m also a big fan of a band called The Protomen, which is based on Mega Man lore - the joke being that there basically isn’t any Mega Man lore.

This is the thread that I often think of but it’s not easy to find!

Ah, see, I knew this would happen. I just didn’t use the magic word when I searched! :)

Dennis Nedry disapproves.

Yes, the magic word was “Random”, not “General”.

I don’t know that that’s good advice. Someone will definitely come along to tell him it’s not worth its own thread and should be in such and such thread. Seems threads cost money or something and there is a watchdog to let you know you did it wrong.

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. I like order as much as the next guy. Anything else would be chaos.

I notice two kinds of thread-level moderation semi-frequently around here, but I may overestimate their frequency, or not notice other common issues.

Sometimes someone will start a thread with some combination of an unhelpful title and inadequate context. Like just dumping a YouTube video in the first post or a link to a steam page or something with nothing to get the conversation going. That’s not at all what I was concerned about in this case, but wanted to mention it.

The other thing I noticed was some tension around “all-purpose” threads, especially in the movie forum. I know the “What movie did you watch?” thread has actually been pretty popular lately, so perhaps opinions have shifted, but I know there was at least some resistance to an all-purpose thread because if it sparks a lively conversation about something mentioned in passing, now no Korean cinema buff is going to know the all-purpose movie thread that might have been discussing Marvel casting rumors all week just had 30 posts back and forth about some hot new Korean director, or whatever. So you either have people missing out on topics that would interest them because they’re not inclined to keep tabs on every broadly scoped thread that might have veer into their interests, or there’s some extra moderation overhead needed to—when appropriate—break out those longer conversations and split them into new threads after the fact.

I kinda thought that’s where this thread might be frowned upon, and I tend to agree with that reasoning against very broad thread topics, but I’m definitely not the one calling the shots, and wasn’t trying to play forum cop.

To Meles’ concern “what if I start a thread that only sparks a couple responses and then I’d feel stupid?”, I’d just say I haven’t seen that kind of sentiment from this community often, and I’d encourage anyone to go for it! If anything a separate thread might make your conversation more likely to get started up again long in the future if someone else has some thoughts later and goes searching for past discussions. The only time I remember people being chastened for starting a thread instead of posting to an existing one is when there’s an existing thread specifically for that topic already (which ties together with why descriptive thread titles are good!).

Just wanted to explain my reasoning though, I certainly don’t object to this thread if it works for people.

No, that’s true, and sometimes there are parallel conversations in different threads, which can be a little confusing. Someone might also start a derail about a movie in a thread where it doesn’t belong, and then you may have a perfectly enjoyable conversation about that in the wrong place.

I know some people really hate that, but that’s just regular old human messiness to me, and it doesn’t bother me. When I’ve watched something and I’d like to talk about it, I do a search, and then I go to the thread if there is one, or I go to the general discussion thread if there isn’t one, but people have mentioned it there.

I do think Tom or whoever does the moderation is very good at moving worthwhile conversations or movies into the right threads when it seems appropriate, but obviously I wouldn’t want to contribute to the workload if I can avoid it.

I’m so not a goer-for-it. I desperately need it to be worthwhile if I’m gonna dare make a thread on something.

Like I said earlier, if I start wondering if something belongs in the Music section or the Gaming section, then that becomes a whole conflict in my brain that I just cannot solve, so I need to either give up or randomly pick one.

I don’t know why that shit causes me anxiety. I am sorry I’m like this! :D

Yes, The Protomen! The idea of a concept album for Mega Man won me with that premise, and then the music was good too.

Right? They’re about five times better than a gag band has any business being.

They also did an album of covers, which is a soundtrack to a fictional movie, and it’s really difficult stuff like Queen and what not, and they completely nail all of it. They’re scary good.

Wasn’t pointing fingers at you @WhollySchmidt. In fact I was being unreasonably snarky and apologize to all. I totally share MelesMeles trepidation about making new posts and reacted.

No problem, I didn’t take it as snarky at all, I just took the opportunity to clarify my thinking. And hey, we’re keeping the thread alive!

Anybody try this General video game? Only $2, and you get to do General stuff like look at maps and write letters of condolence.

I would have made a ‘video game music thread’, as we don’t have any, and it would be a nice addition.

But the entire forum is already for general video game discussion. People tend to not want to make new threads for small stuff, which is silly, threads don’t cost money people. They don’t have to be permanent additions to the first page.

Great success!

Nice! This guy gets it.

Well, if all you have is a link, and it’s not obviously gonna lead to any very involved discussion, and you’re like “I could quite possibly be the only person in the world who thinks this is something” then it just feels more correct to throw it in a general thread.

I think this thread should be renamed to The Theories About When to Make Threads. :grin:

Personally a game music thread seems like a reasonable thread to have in the Game section.