Generation Zero: Avalanche Studios, Fighting Robots in 1980s Sweden

Coming in 2019. I was waiting all afternoon for someone else to make a thread, since I’m lazy, but so is everyone else apparently!

Here’s a Eurogamer mini-preview:

“Can you ever get tired of 80’s synth-wave?”

Apparently, popular culture is making sure I get that answer.

lol - well, if robots are the new zombies, I guess I appreciate the change. And I still like 80’s synth-wave, but time will tell if that holds up.

Well, its a game. I am not sure I am feeling it, I need more backstory.

So a Simon Stalenhag-inspired world? It’s a shame they didn’t work with him. That would have been an interesting setting.

Wow. I appreciate the Stålenhagian visuals. Since this is set in the time and place of my youth, I’m going to have to play it.

I like robots, I like the Pacific Northwest… which this isn’t but looks identical, and I like this type of music in video games and movies specifically. I’m up for this.

I wonder how diverse the cast of characters will be, given the setting.

I also really dig the sort of gameplay they are describing.

?? Back in the 70’s we called it “New Age”.


The fact that this is their first self-published game makes me really nervous for them. It’s a big leap. The sort of thing that could lead to big success or big failure for the studio.

I like the sound of it having “dynamic 1980s music”. I love the look of the robots themselves. I’m not sure about the setting. East coast Sweden as seen in these screenshots look like a pretty generic place, scenery-wise.

I hope it’s a big success for them. They’re one of my favorite studios, even when they fail to connect with me in their games so far.

Well THAT certainly looks delightful.

Good trailer.

I’m still not sure about the setting. Sweden, as seen in that trailer, looks like a pretty barren, boring looking place with no big scenery vistas even.

I hate robotic enemies. Shooting at metal things feels dumb. There’s a reason they’re made out of metal.

I dont mind shooting metal things at all, but I do mind shooting a hand pistol meant for intimation of soft fleshy beings at a target that be better serviced with an AntiTank Missile.

There must be a new wave of beta invites going out as a couple of friends and I all got an email last night with a Steam key.

Looking forward to making a Swedish “80’s superhero” and screaming The Final Countdown into Discord.

Yeah, I got an email this morning. Not sure if my current PC is up to running it, but if so I’ll try it.

The key to any good survival game…

I haven’t found the one with Europe on it yet though.

Found some radios to play those tapes on.

Just noticed this has a release date - March 26. Lower price of $35.