Generation Zero: Avalanche Studios, Fighting Robots in 1980s Sweden

Rock the game IS hard, especially if you play it solo and as a straight combat game. Solo? You have to avoid fights in the open and use a lotta stealth and tactics. Scurry around like a rat in a world full of cats until you have the ammo and weapons (and levels) to strike! That’s what makes it fun.

If you play co-op you have a lot more opportunities for straight combat. Especially as you specialize skills and get some of the Apex skills to help the group.

I plan on watching Tom’s stream, but the world is sorta weirdly empty (until they find you --or you find them) and has a certain samee-ness to some things (like houses, etc). I have noticed as I progressed that home layouts, weapons, loot etc are different and get better.

Plus the robots have weaknesses and when you figure them out it does get easier.

The game is a lot easier if you use all the flares and noise makers you pick up to distract the robots. I like the game rewards you for not just running and gunning.

Probably less explosions in the game than in real life Sweden :-)

I picked this up, after McMaster said nice things about it on the Qt3 Games podcast.
I dig the atmosphere, and desolation. However I do an awful lot of hiking back to spawn points playing solo. Feel free to co-op if you see me online. Monofurioso, on Steam.

I’ll be around later. Kristi Gaines is an intense commando, though. You should look to her for guidance.

I’m game for coop too. Been playing a LOT of this.

Lord_Pall on steam.

I will say this. I will NOT stop until I figure out why Sweden got invaded by robots. oh btw if you have me on steam and see that I am scurrying about in that game holler for an invite. I will join you crazies. or you will join me…

Mono adding you

Lord_Pall same.

I can’t find you LP – look for kristigaines.

So yes solo Gen zero is … tough. The world is beautiful and empty. The ikea houses remain weirdly boring to loot. But we must know why Sweden got invaded! Ill probably be on around 3 pm est tomorrow scurrying around dodging robots. FYI. No court and I am my own boss.

Added. I’ve been playing single player for a bit. Yeah it’s tough. I think I’ve cleared most of the major missions, and most of the new dlc too. Right now I want to level up all my rivals. And probably figure out what to do with the 7 skill points i’m sitting on.

My only complaint currently is that I’ve got a really bad repeatable ctd with a few weapons in my storage box. It’s super annoying.

Mr McMaster made me buy this and I have no regrets. There’s something about the pace of exploration and the overall atmosphere that I have really keyed in to. Anyone on xbox wants to co-op, dm me.

So 12 beans over on humble, how soloable is this game?

Very. Slow and easy. But admittedly it gets harder later.

Definitely worth 12 beans.

My kid and I are having a blast playing this Co-op. We watched some youtubers where they were screaming and yelling while Co-op playing and didnt think it looked that intense. BUT, it is true. My wife yelled at us multiple times the first night we played this as we were yelling and screaming at each other calling out bots and where to go and just crazy jump scarish moments.

I really like this game. There are a few issues but it’s a crazy fun Co-op game that we love to go nuts in. Usually play now when the wife is out of the house.

I also play this very stealth like solo at times.

I wish I had a kid that could cover me in this. Solo is fun but hard as crap. I may spawn a child and wait 13 years and make him play this.

Seriously this is a fun, scary game.

So I’m playing this with my kid and I’m annoyed. He found a pistol and there’s lots of ammo for it lying around, while I have a shotgun and hunting rifle and spend most of the time without ammo watching him do all the fighting.

Granted this is early stage, we just made it to the farm. Does it get better?

Marxeil – it does get better – there is a slow creep to better weapons and ammo. playing with a coop is truly great, much better than my solo stuff.

Take some time and explore and loot and go house to house. Avoid battles if you can initially. Gather loot. Grab the lockpick ability,

Yes, ammo is scarce for a bit. We are still on the first island but have played 8 hours or so and have a decent amount of all kinds of ammo. Tons for guns we don’t have yet.

This is not for Generation Zero. It’s a teaser for a new game coming from Avalanche and Systemic Reaction.

Also, Systemic Reaction are now part of the “Avalanche Studios Group” along with the NY office and the main Avalanche studio in Stockholm.

Aren’t there something like rent-a-kid centers all over the place where you can pick them up for a day or two and give them chores–like shovelling the driveway or being player 2–before you return them?