Genesis Alpha One - Roguelike from RadiationBlue

Looks like Team17 (the Worms guys!) are publishing a roguelike. Watching the announcement video while watching No Tomorrow on Netflix wasn’t very conducive to following exactly what this is, but it looks neat. First person exploration and combat, but you are building out some sort of space station. The gist of it seems to be build your base, then explore because aliens are infesting it. That’s some sneaky aliens that can infiltrate a space station while it’s being built!

More details and video can be found here:

Team17 is the publisher, not the developer (RadiationBlue). Looks interesting.

Good catch, fixed! Thanks!

Did someone say space?

A roguelike with base building makes no sense to me. I make a mistake, die and I have rebuild my entire base from scratch? Talk about frustrating, but I guess I’m not the target audience as I hate roguelikes.

The term “roguelike” has been co-opted by lots of games these days and doesn’t always mean that anymore. But in the context of this game, since we know it involves cloning and making new lifforms,mint could mean that individual characters might have permadeath but the ship itself could persist. Lots of possibilities.

That sounds quite a bit like how darkest dungeon is structured. The town itself is the persistent character, and your heroes the throw away resource that you use and abuse until they die or go mad.

Yeah, good point.