Genshin Impact - Anime Gacha or F2P Breath of the Wild?

I’ve heard Bennett is also good to get to 90 since his aura scales off of base stats.

Thanks for all the info, folks. Clearly I have a lot of character review to do! What are you folks using for the talent materials domain? I keep having to beat up all cold guys in the Forsaken Rift and it’s annoying. The best I’ve come up with is Noelle, Xiangling, Razor, Lisa - the fire-electric reactions work well but my team dies fast to all those stupid ice crystal drops and flopping slimes. I suppose Bennett is the answer there too? :)

Yeah, that’s true, transformative reactions (swirls/electrocharged/overcharge/superconductshatter) the damages scale with level as well. For overcharge and EC pariticularly it’s hard to guarantee who triggers the reaction, but for swirls it’s always the anemo unit, that’s why Sucrose taser works so well. The anemo units are worth getting to 90 as well if you’re relying on reaction damage/CC.

Bennett is the answer to everything!

Plus, his ult cleanses the debuff in that domain that inhibits your stamina recharge.

Other reasons why Bennett is good - he does decent damage, he has high ult uptime, great healing, best support (fully built with a good weapon he can give your other characters ~1k flat ATK) and he generates a lot of energy, which pairs him well with Xiang Ling, who is energy thirsty. Plus if you run her ult while in his buff, she’ll retain that buff through her entire burst duration even after his buff runs out.

I understand Bennett’s buff scales off flat attack from weapon plus his level base. The level base from 80-90 is not huge. Better to throw your best base attack weapon on him.

New freebie codes from the 2.3 release announcement livestream, good only through tomorrow:


So for the snowman-building event, first I carefully built a traditional one:
Then I went a little off the wall:
Then I’m like, screw it, just throw stuff out there:

Mine looks more or less the same. Somewhere there’s probably a data guy chuckling at how easily we were corralled into identical lines of thought.

Some amusing stuff in the Teyvat Times.

So, you can know in theory how much Genshin Impact is a gacha game where the best characters are on another level. But until you get a couple 5 stars and kit them out, you don’t really feel it. Well, now that I have Mona and Zhongli rolling at pretty high efficiency, man, do I feel it. Xiangling/Razor (depending on whether you want fire or electro more), Zhongli, Aloy, Mona is a steamroll group that demolishes basically anything in seconds. I know there’s still yet more powerful stuff out there but this is enough to really drive home the point that it’s a very different game with the good characters.

Zhongli and anybody is OP at this point in the game.

Get Zhong Li, level him, and never die again.

Yeah, that’s certainly my experience. The shields Zhongli generates are just insane, and with Mona pumping up damage with her burst the enemies just melt. Literally, when running Xiangling and Aloy as the damage dealers. Not that Zhongli’s burst is any slouch in the damage department, either.

This is the first time anti-cheat software, which runs at a very low level, has been exploited maliciously. I doubt it will be the last.

So as someone who used to play genshin is there something i should be doing to stop the vulnerability on my pc?

Not yet, but I’m sure they’ll cancel the signing cert so it’ll no longer run. There will probably be a removal tool coming too.

This weekend, the Genshin folks are running out another concert. The last one of these I watched was really good. It’s at midnight Eastern so I likely won’t see it live, but it’ll be on their YouTube channel after.

Version 3.1 has just dropped and across the next few weeks or so they are handing out premium currency like candy. I believe it’s the Genshin anniversary as well.

I believe it’s at least 3,500 primogems (at least 20-odd pulls). Some of these expire over the next few days.

The concert is up now, and it’s good, if not quite as impressive (IMHO) as the first one. Here it is, and I’ve queued it up for you to the best bit, the Raiden Shogun theme.

I was a little surprised they didn’t do more Sumeru, just a couple short themes at the end, but I guess they figure there’s plenty of time for that in future shows.

They might be saving the big Sumeru scores till later? We are early into Sumeru so perhaps Mihoyo is holding back. We still haven’t had the full main quest line run.