Gentlemen, start your photocopiers! Royale is the new MOBA


Huh. Is this the first total misuse of the battle royale concept – I mean, not even close – or have there been others?

Surely something in mobile.


Ummm… ok.


An overview of the features and how good the network code is in the most popular BR games:



The gameplay in that trailer looks about what I’d expect.


I would be down for an updated Twisted Metal brand Battle Royale.


oohhhh car wars BR!


Keep talking…


There was gameplay in that trailer?


The real gameplay was the friends we made along the way.


Wasn’t there already a car combat BR that flopped? It’s hard to keep up with all the failed BRs these days.


I’m kickstarting a new BR, loosely based on one of those games where you had to type stuff. You type current and past internet insults at your enemies, damage will be awarded on the burn scale ™.

The more META your meme, the more points of damage you do, but if you can create a new burn of the month ™, you get 1000 foozles. Foozles can be redeemed for cosmetic upgrades, most of which will revolve around Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Everyone, male, female, or otherwise, will start in a bikini.


Sounds amazing, but I am not quite convinced. Can I have chat emotes based on memes and automatic twitch integration of noob pwnage?


There will be a hotkey system, similar to the original ‘Tribes’. You will have “average” insults that you can auto dish out. Of course, all noob pwnage will be captured in real time and auto uploaded to every social media platform in real time 24/7.

Edit: The game will also take place in real time.


The gameplay was lacking.


You might be thinking of Auto Assault but it wasn’t a BR.


I think he’s talking about Fractured Lands, the “Mad Max” BR. It wasn’t any good though.


I though H1Z1 Auto Royale.


Bingo, thanks.


Another one down.

…the time has come for us to announce that we will be taking The Culling offline on May 15th, 2019. While The Culling’s offline modes will remain available after that date, online play and associated features will not. To that end, the game’s store pages and in-app purchases will be disabled as soon as possible.

When we launched the Origins update and made the game free to play, our hope was that the revenue generated from in-app purchases would be enough to sustain our team and support ongoing development, but unfortunately that was not the case.

Even with thousands of active daily users, the revenue was only a fraction of what our dev team required to continue daily operations. As a result, we’ve been forced to reduce our team size, which renders us unable to provide ongoing support and updates that would allow the game to grow and thrive.