Gentlemen, welcome (back) to Shoot Club

Shoot Club is now officially a part of The Escapist.

Awesome sauce.


Very nice, although maybe you could get them to correct the spelling and grammar in the little italicized author bio.

Tom Chick is a television and film actor and veteran game journalist, who’s work has appeared in Computer Gaming World, Rotten Tomatoes [comma] Yahoo games and others. As an actor, Chick has appeared in the televisions series The Office and The West Wing. “Shoot Club” will be appearing in this space every Thursday.

Hey, a reason to read the Escapist!

I keed, I keed. That’s pretty cool. Look forward to your columns, Tom.

Man, I love reading those. It’s eerie how accurately, if non-specifically, it reflects the LAN party we just had a week and a half ago. Different games, personality quirks distributed differently among my friends, but it still feels a lot like my weekend. Except the part about Starbuck. That part was identical.

And there was much rejoicing.

These are always amazing. :)

Smelly people suck.

Yeah, that’s the thing about these articles. They’re pretty much how it goes at Shoot Club East (Cathcart’s) when we get together, although we usually do it with less PCs and more consoles, for convenience.


Trevor has a beard?

Kick Ass. I think Shoot Club is originally how I was suckered into the board.

Holly hell. This is great news.

The story about the obscure Star Wars reference is what got me to this board. I love that story.

Tom Chick is a television and film actor and veteran game journalist…

I like how television and film actor gets top billing. It makes it look like Tom only writes when he can squeeze time into his demanding acting schedule.

Escapist = cool
Shoot Club = cool
Escapist + Shoot Club = awesome

Congrats, Tom! Just out of curiosity, do they pay you for it?

You guys know about this, right? Shoot Club mit props from MIT!

(They reprinted “Saving Private Donny” IIRC.)

I think the return of Shoot Club resurrected Machfive.

God damn I’m sick of the viral marketing around here.

It’s obvious that Tom started this site so that he could pimp the escapist years later. It’s even got the Q23 color scheme so we won’t be shocked at the transition. Yeesh.

I’m sure I’ll be a regular reader.

Thank you!

Shoot Club might very well be the best thing since sliced bread.