- The last game

So, I discovered Geoguessr today, and frankly…its all over now for the industry, because this game is seriously fun!

Basically, it takes pictures from Google maps and lets you do your best Sherlock Holmes imitation and guess where you are.

Seriously - this is fun!

Here is my very bad score for comparison (Link leads to the site for the game)

Just a FYI- This game is addictive!

Damn, you barely got the continents right! :P
My first try

Hey - this is hard! ;-D

Not bad, damn norway for being so big…

I’m happy with this one. Although can’t agree that this is going to change gaming as we know it =)
My game

I got lucky with a couple of the choices, first one was really obvious and I got within 5 kilometers of the spot. My biggest flunk was seeing flocks of sheep on one and thinking it’s either Wales or New Zealand, then picking the wrong one. Fun game! Here’s my score.

Is it cheating to use google translate to see what language signs are in? I never would’ve had a chance of guessing that the backwoods gravel “road” surrounded by nothing but farmland for miles on end in every direction was in Finland otherwise. It is a lot easier to find landmarks in Canada than nameless back alleys in Brazil. Apparently they hate street signs in Brazil. I also did not know there were cactuses in Brazil, which accounts for my first guess in Mexico.

My first attempt. Got really lucky because the first two were obviously Brazil, but I honestly couldn’t believe there would be three Brazil locations for mine, so I completely blew the fourth option. The third one was on a ferry with a big Canadian flag on it, so that made things a bit easier, and the final one had a sign by the side of the road written in Chinese, but I couldn’t tell if it was mainland or Taiwan.

Fun little timewaster, though.

Every time I choose a place a North Korea I get it wrong…why would that be?

Fun! I had no Idea Google sent people up onto ski hills with a camera! 23756

Street signs are a godsend. On the other hand there are a lot of rural areas in North America.

Man, those pictures with just a dirt road and NOTHING else are pretty damn hard to guess!

Every click you make to move away from your original location should deduct from your score, and cheating is really easy (yes, googling what language a sign is in counts).
Also, image quality varies greatly, in some locations it’s extremely hard to identify any writing on signs and such, while in others it’s really sharp and easy to read.

Fun for a while, though, thanks for the link.

Managed 23317 points without cheating but it took a loooong time. Was very lucky with signs with web addresses that always give away the country.

Sorry but using google is not cheating just because you say it is.

It’s so much more fun without using google, whether you want to call it “cheating” or not.

There doesn’t seem to be any really established rules, so really it’s up to the individual to determine what rules they want to play with. I found a wide variation in my score based on what I allowed myself to do. when I allowed myself to Google anything and everything along with wandering the area by moving in the streetview, I was scoring into 20K. When I restricted myself to staying put, and only spinning around to get a 360 view from the location I was plopped into, I was scoring around 7K.

Of course it is.

Seriously, sure, everyone makes his own rules on this one.
But playing without using Google is an entirely different game with much higher “risk”.
I’d think it hardly possible to get >20k scores without Google, possibly if you have a LOT of patience AND excellent geography knowledge … but even then it’ll be tough.

I had about 10k tops without Google and only moving around for bit, 3k not moving at all from the “spawning point” and some 25k doing liberal moving around and Googling the encountered place names.
The more Googling effort you’re willing to put in, the closer you can get to a perfect score.


Two problems with this game: there a lot of repeats (I’ve gotten the same bridge in 3 out my 8 games so far) and it seems to really love to pick Brazil and South Africa for some reason. Some Euro and interesting African locales would be good.

One of the things I like about this game is how it allows for multiple approaches. Googling clues is fun and educational while making a best guess based only on only on deduction and experience is rewarding and interesting for completely different reasons. (“This feels like Oklahoma (a place I’ve never been) for some reason.” Turned out to be Nebraska, but just over the border.)