- The last game

I introduced an OCD buddy of mine to the game and the stream of profanity has not ceased for eighteen straight hours.

Here is one of his starting points:

This is a lot of fun. It helped that I had actually physically been in the place where my third location was before, right across the street from the old Mass. state house. I was still off by a little less than half a kilometer, tho. I shouldn’t have rushed.

In my first game, I had two almost exactly right, as I’d been to the places in real life – Macau and central France. And I got a Pacific Northwest place sorta right. But I missed the other two, one by a continent. Total score: 15,684.

Man, other than getting lucky with that one location, I’m pretty bad at guessing where on the world I am. I hope I never get kidnapped and dropped off in a random country somewhere. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about Brazil. I’m getting at least one or two Brazilian locations per game, and not one of them looks the same as the other. Very diverse geography. Pretty cool.

This thing is better than 90% of the games on the iPad store. A lot of scores are not coming up now.

Hahaha, Fantastic :)

I’ve had a couple of oddball ones. I had one that was inside a botanical garden, and while I could pretty much tell that it was in the US, somewhere without mountains or skyscrapers on the horizon, I couldn’t manage to find a way out to try to gather more info. I ended up guessing California but it turned out to be in Chicago. Another one was in a plaza with no movement available, domes visible, and illegible writing that I thought wasn’t Roman alphabet, so I guessed Moscow. Turned out to be Istanbul. Then I had one where I was in the center of a courtyard with a giant-ass ornate cathedral and again no movement, so I guessed Rome. It turned out to be Spain, somewhere on the Atlantic coast.

Edit: Also, I had one where I was in a small farming town. All I could tell was that everything was old and run-down, they had tile roofs and decorations that reminded me of Muslim art (i.e. the non-representational mosaics and patterns), and they used some Romance language I wasn’t familiar with. I bet on Catalonia, but it turned out to be Romania.

Awesome but frustrating start point. My wife swears she started in the middle of water with no land visible but I didn’t get a chance to see it.

I wonder if this game randomly chooses from all available spots on google, or if it has a specific list it picks from. I’ve already had the same exact spot show up twice and I’ve only played ~10 times.

[edit] Played another two games and got the same spot again. Its Manzanillo, Mexico.

It must have a list to pick on the number of reports of repeats. Either that, or it’s using a really bad randomizer algorithm.

My personal favorite was starting on a dirt road in an arid sort of southwest US looking place right next to a sign that said “El Paso Motel” quite clearly, but the rest of the sign was hard to read. Thinking I was clever I guessed just a few miles outside of El Paso Texas. Turns out there is an El Paso Motel in central eastern Australia… damn.

Just got a great one. It looked like it was in the middle of a restaurant - like RIGHT AT somebody’s table. It looked like that kinda of resort restaurant with a good ethnic mix of patrons, and based on the fashion it didn’t look they were all necessarily from America, even though there was a sign in English that said “Exit” and what looked like somebody wearing some sort of sports jersey. I guess the general location of Disneyworld in Florida.


Turns out it was actually right in the middle of the Caribbean. On a cruise ship.

Haha, what? Why/how would google have a street view map on a cruise ship?

Jesus, East Texas is depressing.

Honestly I’m just assuming it was a cruise ship, but the picture was smack in the middle of a restaurant environment, and the map coordinates was smack in the middle of the Caribbean. Yeah, I don’t know.

I got one of those my last game: a coral reef, staring at a sea turtle. Some random wandering found me a beach, and it turned out to be a resort island off the shore of Queensland.

I’m hoping it’s just a really bad randomizer. I have only played a half-dozen times and I’ve gotten the same spot twice.

I think many people would find truly random spots to be pretty dull. You’d have a ton of pictures of nondescript roads.

But we are already getting tons of nondescript roads.

I got another great one today. It was under water off the coast of Hawaii’s big island. The image loaded and all I could see was fish and reef.

Got a new personal record!

0.006 km away…

If it isn’t obvious from the screenshot I used some google magic to help track down where the location was. The location I had was right in front of a hotel, and across the street was what looked to be a city maintenance truck parked on the left side of the road. Figured it was in New Zealand and went from there.