Geometry Wars: Need Tips!

I just can’t seem to crack 400K. I’ve watched the video and read the faq. Here are some questions to those of you better players (eh hem bobjustbob)

  1. control center or just run in circles? Do you even try to hold the center after 100K? It seems going in circles works pretty well. Do you focus fire in the direction you are heading and just take shots at the 90 degree whenever you get a chance for those enemies turning in on you? I noticed in the video sometimes it’s good to reverse directions instead of keep going clockwise our counter clockwise. I guess I just have troubles recognizing those situations.

  2. black holes. Destroy them as soon as possible or use them to suck up enemies? I usually destroy them as soon as possible. If I let them suck up enemies, while I’m running in circles, it’s always my luck they detonate right when I’m next to them. I can usually survive two detonations if I’m far enough away. But if I’m right next to one I’m usually toast.

  3. snakes. I really hate them. They really block your path when you are trying to run around the edge of the screen. Any tips appreciated.

  4. massive tiny blue swarms. I usually just smart bomb them. I seem to be able to cut a path through them maybe 1 out of 4 tries.

  5. When do you usually use the smart bombs?

Have you noticed the spawn patterns differ greatly from game to game. Is part of getting a high score is getting a lucky game spawn pattern?

Edit: It almost feels like there is a set # of seeds it uses when you start a game and then picks one at random. From then on the pattern of spawns seem familiar. There’s the early and often green squares, the early black holes, the no black holes until late in the game, the no 4 corner snake sapwn until late in the game, etc. Then again it could be just totally random, and my mind is playing tricks on me. It’s almost like reading tea leaves.

Might be helpful, might be too generic.

  1. God, no. Forget about the center. I prefer counter-clockwise, always moving while firing forward. When I get some room to breathe and I’m near a wall, then I’ll make a quick arc to clear out some enemies.

  2. At the early levels they are pretty unimportant - later they are part of my pattern. As I’m running around in circles, I’ll shoot a black hole and pass between it and a wall, hopefully sucking in some stuff that was behind me. On my second pass I’ll then try to destroy that hole.

  3. No tips. Just shoot the head - the tail blocks your shots.

  4. Typically I try to stay in the center for as long as possible, concentrating on a single swarm. At the last possible second I then try to go to the left or right of the swarm while trying to destroy as much as possible. Once one swarm is dead, I then concentrate on the next one so I can renew my circle pattern.

  5. Before my first death. The key to truly great scores is to keep your mutiplyer up. Your multiplyer goes down whenever you die. If you just want to see how long you can live, use the smart bombs as a last resort whenever you think you are going to die. If you are going for high scores you should use a bomb first before you ever die. I have no problem with using all bombs before even my first death. That was the only way I broke 750K.

As far as I can tell, the patterns are random.

Thanks for the tips. New score: 722,150 :-)