George Friedman on the Middle East

Yeah, you can hardly blame Turkey for not allowing the US to land troops on its soil, with plans to help Turkey’s enemies in a war that nobody in Turkey wanted.

I’d bet they don’t. It’s not the Armed Forces job to hold a grudge. Their job is to carry out the mission successfully with the minimum loss of American lives.

Note to Tim:

There is recorded history prior to the American Revolution.

He argues that it is the only viable solution: pointing out that it will require sacrifices is just being realistic. This is aimed a little higher than your typical hawkish blog rant, but it still has the same bent.

Hey! The Fairy is viable!

To be fair, I don’t think it’s terribly realistic to blame the mullahs of Teheran for Tamurlane and the Parthian wars.

But that history does not include the current Iranian government, which came to power relatively recently.

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