George H.W. Bush dead at 94. RIP.


I was actually wondering if you’d fallen ill (and as a conservative, hoping for the worst of course).


Can you feel… the love tonight…




Aide from this cartoon being touching, I look at this, and i can’t help but wonder… What would someone draw that’s similar to this, if they liked Trump?

Like… Instead of Barbara and Robin, what would Trump find in heaven? A big bag of money? A mirror? A bunch of hookers?


Are you implying that Donald Trump is a mortal being and not a messenger sent from god? How dare you, sir.


Daddy’s love?


Clearly Christ bowing down and acknowledging Trump as the new God.


Trump kicking down the gates of heaven or the like also seems likely.


I hate to say this, but one of the things that comes to mind is Trump seeing the gate and saying, “I was right. Even God wants a wall.” The idea of the God who preaches love and forgiveness gating Heaven doesn’t seem right.


Well, we can just listen to their words, or at least the words of their spokespeople. They didn’t care about AIDS because they thought it was only killing gay people.


If you note the reactions of the press in that story, the Reagan administration wasn’t out of step with society at large on the AIDS issue in the early days. They certainly didn’t show vision or leadership, though.

I remember reading some of the earliest references to what would become known as AIDS in the popular press. At the time, the idea of a new infectious disease was pretty inconceivable; infectious disease was the aspect of medicine that we had mastered. A lot of work was done to try to identify the environmental factor that might be common to gay men and Haitians that was degrading their immune system; the idea of a blood-borne virus was floating around but the virus would have to be very different than anything seen before to match what was seen in AIDS (and as a slow-acting retrovirus that specifically attacked the immune system, it was) so many medical experts were skeptical. As far as I can recall, it wasn’t until hemophiliacs started developing the disease that a consensus developed around the virus idea.

I found this timeline.. One of the really amazing things is how early in the whole story Larry Kramer was raising the alarm, fundraising and organizing. 1982 was kind of a lost year for government response, though, and that was the time that leadership within the Reagan/Bush administration could really have made a difference.


W. gave Michelle Obama a piece of candy when coming into the service.



Pretty sure he’s there.


Is Ari trying to be poetic or something?


I can only assume.




I thought that was a very sweet moment. (No pun intended).

And a very lovely service, too. W’s eulogy left not a dry eye in the house.



W’s Eulogy for his dad was amazing.


I thought so too.