George H.W. Bush dead at 94. RIP.


Does anyone have a video of it? I wasn’t able to watch it live.



It was terrific, funny, sad, and really captured the essence of the man.


I also liked it was “Ok, he may have been a President, lead the CIA and shit, but he was also my old man, too”


Goddamn it feels weird to find myself starting to like that guy.


My brother-in-law saw him speak recently and described being astonished by W’s newfound love for painting and how he has become a self-described fierce advocate for the arts. Crazy.


Alan Simpson one of the funniest men to ever become a senator gives a very funny, loving eulogy. His description of how he came to raise taxes was most interesting.


I actually felt positive emotion towards George W. Bush watching him eulogize his father. I’m not entirely sure what to think, but you know, that was a hell of a eulogy.


W has the capacity for empathy and likes others. Maybe he made some bad decisions, but it doesn’t seem like he’s a bad soul. I never hated the guy, just wished someone else was in charge. I thought he got pushed around by Cheney, too. He picked bad guys to be around him, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. Of course a guy like Carter picked his own crowd to be around him and they weren’t any better.

I look at that video and see Clinton, Obama, Carter, and Bush and wish these ex-Presidents had some kind of advisory capacity. There’s a lot of knowledge there not being used. I would have said the same thing about Bush 1 and Nixon – not Reagan because I think the Alzheimer’s was already in place.


I don’t think that I’ve ever heard a story from anyone who actually met them, that suggested either of the Bushes were anything other than good men.

Not talking policy or politics… just them as people. They seemed to care about others, and wanted to do good, even if they didn’t always succeed.


From yesterday, former Senator and '96 Presidential candidate Bob Dole, crippled by the Second World War and the slow ravage of time, goes back to the Capitol.



Good riddance


The last incidence of a Republican putting country before party?

Didn’t work out great for Bush.



I’m glad the funeral week is finally over so the media can return focus to the North Carolina shit, the Mueller shit, the Michigan/Wisconsin shit, etc. Or the Clinton Foundation, depending on the network of course.


I haven’t heard about sex crazed pandas or gypsies lately. I can only assume they’re taken over the Midwest at this point and we may need to send in the Marines.