Georgia School Official: Remove the word Evolution

The state’s school superintendent has proposed striking the word evolution from Georgia’s science curriculum and replacing it with the phrase “biological changes over time.”

Superintendent Kathy Cox said the concept of evolution would still be taught under the proposal, but the word would not be used. The proposal would not require schools to buy new textbooks omitting the word evolution and would not prevent teachers from using it.

Cox repeatedly referred to evolution as a “buzzword” Thursday and said the ban was proposed, in part, to alleviate pressure on teachers in socially conservative areas where parents object to its teaching.

Ignorance, spread your wings and fly! (She’s a Republican, no surprise.)

Oh, and the Georgian school system won’t teach anything about the Civil War either.

Georgia… keepin it real!

Seriously, why not just eliminate the words genitals, pleasure, Civil War, New York, and anything else they want to pretend doesn’t exist?

This is just ridiculous. Sometimes when I talk with someone from the south who is all upset that the south gets a bad rap, I sympathize, but then you hear stuff like this.

Even if you don’t want to deal with the humans from monkeys stuff, you have to at least admit that there has been evolution even within a species. And if you’re just going to read off the definition of evolution everytime you want to say evolution, you might as well just say evolution

Dude, if you read the article it says that practically all of classic liberal education has been removed, from ancient Greece onward. Has nothing to do with religious censorship or War of Northern Aggression.

I pity the kids in Southern and Midwest schools held hostage by conservative fundamentalist zealots. The ‘Forward to the Past!’ crew will make sure the girls get to be brides and make babies and the boys can aspire to be unskilled laborers all their lives to raise them in poverty.

I think I’m going to be physically ill.

Raht now ahm ashamed to be a southerner! (At least I ain’t from Joe-jah.)

Yeah, who would have thought that I’d ever be glad that I was born in Alabama?

I would pity them more if I didn’t know that they’ll grow up to be ig’nant adults who will be proud of their ig’nance and who will try to enforce it on the next generation.

Hell… it’s not just their next generation they’ll try to enforce it on… they’ll prolly try to enforce it on my next generation, and I don’t even live in the South.


That is disturbing isn’t it, the pride in being ignorant? I’ve come to understand many strange human behaviors, but that one just boggles me.

We’re all ignorant in many ways. You’re correct, but it’s also important not to let other people’s ignorance create a situation where our relative lack of ignorance is mistaken for being none at all. I meet too many damn people who think always having somebody to call stupid is sufficient, but at this point it’s just boring.

Actually, I think some of you are missing part of the point. The school superintendant is trying to substitute a phrase for evolution that means almost exactly the same thing “to alleviate pressure on teachers in socially conservative areas where parents object to its teaching.” It’s actually kind of sneaky. The kids would learn about evolution without hearing the word “evolution,” and this might just fly under fundamentalist radar.

I’m not saying I agree with this–I prefer open confrontation–but it’s not completely abhorent.

Yes, it is. Why should a state department of education even acknowledge these morons? Why should flat-earthers have any sort of say in changing the way children are educated? The goal is to drag these idiots into the present day, not coddle them.

Agreed in principle. But their votes carry just as much weight as an “enlightened” member of our society. We’re talking Georgia here, Brett. In the rural areas especially, fundamentalists aren’t just a significant population, they are a strong majority. They control the local school boards and can make teaching anything but creationism difficult or impossible.

Given that fact, a stealth tactic can be justified. Any education, even disguised, is better than none. As I said, I prefer confrontation myself, but I can understand the rationale behind what is happening here.