Georgie come lately

Months and months after everyone knew that Bush was wrong about Nigerian uranium, the White House has finally admitted the mistake. Well, sort of–they won’t actually stand up and say “We blew it,” because that would be, you know, somewhat ballsy and honest:

WTF is that even supposed to mean? I assume that’s the George W. “Big Baby” Bush way of saying “Sorry, I blew it.” But I can’t really tell for sure. My God do I hate this guy.

Remember, character counts.

Shouldn’t it not be reflective? Or am I having comprehension issues again?

Hey, Ryan, you’re stepping on toes here. Jason was supposed to post this.



Everybody is getting the Rip on Bush Fever.

When a conservative military site starts ripping on a conservative president, you know you have problems.


What’s most ironic about the Army Times story is that it credits Democrats with trying to restore the base construction budget, and rips the Republican majority on the armed services committee for killing the money.

Can you smell what Wesley Clark is cooking?..

One of the oddities of defense policy is that the GOP, the “military friendly” party, doesn’t do anywhere near as much for the enlisted as the Democrats.

This is an odd thing. When you lie about getting an extramarital blow job in the Oval Office, you get a full blown commission investigating you and an impeachment.

When you lie about the intelligence used to justify a full blown war, nothing seems to happen (beyond a surging popularity rating and an almost shoo-in re-election unless the democrats can find anyone remotely interesting enough to win).

If you can convince a country that you won an election without needing to count the ballots, what does it matter about reasons to beat the crap out of a sandpit or two on the other side of the world?