Geostorm - SyFy goes big budget


I wonder where they got the money.


Almost had me fooled until I saw the PG-13, IMAX, and WB logos at the end.


What the hell were they smoking to make this call? Take one of their D movie scripts and actually make an expensive movie. I sense a big write down coming.


So what is the plot? The weather satellite is malfunctioning or someone is controlling it making cause the crazy weather? I couldn’t figure it out from the trailer.


Feel like the whole movie was crammed in that trailer:

First act: New satellites that control weather, how can that turn out bad…
Second act: It did go bad! Terrible weather ensues because of satellites malfunction… But it’s no malfunction!
Third act: Let’s all get in space to get to the person/group/government behind all this.


They actually say it in the trailer at some point, something to the effect of “so this wasn’t an accident” (and that’s why Abby Cornish has to abduct the Prez). Someone is controlling the weather sattelite. Probably:

The vibe I got from the movie, I mean besides the obvious SyFy thing, was “The Core: this time the danger is above us!”.


The Core is one of my favourite terrible movies, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.



Sounds like we have a winner!

Oh, snap!

If you’ve ever wanted to see a tidal wave sweep over the horizon of a waterless desert or eggs frying on a superheated city street, “Geostorm” is the movie for you! And if you’re one of the millions of human beings on this planet who was recently impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms, well, Devlin’s ill-timed destruct-a-thon (already delayed more than a year from its intended March 2016 release) succeeds in being even more callously insensitive/offensive than our president’s response to your plight. Then again, the only thing more reliable than bad weather is bad movies, and in that respect, “Geostorm” is right on forecast.


Someone needs to cobble together all the disaster scenes and cut the rest. I wouldn’t pay for it but I’d watch it.




So I got this MoviePass thing. It’s a service where, for $9.99 a month, you can see a movie at a participating theater once per day, which will definitely get us to the theater more.

So the first movie I was gonna try it on was this one, and I hoped to see it this weekend.

Well, apparently, this movie is going to be gone from just about every theater in my area by the weekend, and I live in LA, so it’s a lot.

Kinda funny and sad, really.


The film is the second biggest flop for Warner Bros. this year, after “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” failed to recoup its $175 million budget back in May.

WTF? They spent $175 million for that?


Were there people who didn’t think this was going to be a disaster?

I mean, it looks like a parody movie.


It viewed like a parody movie. This was truly horrible.


Rented this tonight, and it was truly a cinematic masterpiece, tons of silly fun. :)

I love disaster movies, so I was pretty much exactly the audience for this. Do not expect a good story, stay for the visuals. :p

Mix in some Gerard Butler, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia and you have a great cast.


Did you ever want to play a puzzle game that takes place in this movie world?

Because you can!