Geraldine Ferraro, dead at 75

I personally feel she became a bitter crank towards the end of her life. But I sympathize with the vast amount of bullshit she must have had to accept and rise above earlier in her career, when she was first running for office, and later when she was a VP candidate with Mondale.

I can’t think of an area where I agreed with her politically but from afar she seemed like a good-natured woman, who indeed probably had to put up with a vast amount of BS due to her position vis a vis 1984.

God rest and bless.

I only vaguely became aware of politics when she ran for VP, and I recall how stunned my whole blue collar, white trash family was at the prospect of a woman VP. Thanks for shaking things up, Geraldine. RIP.

I think if I had blood cancer I’d be cranky too.

Lots of people contract terrible illnesses of various sorts, without behaving the way she did during the last presidential campaign and afterwards. Again, I sympathize, but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice the graceless, occasionally arguably racist things she said during that period.

The first woman to have that opportunity needed to be a certain kind of person and Ferraro was that kind of person. I don’t think anyone questioned her suitability for the job, among other things, and for good reason.

That said, she did seem a bit bitter later on about it.