Gerrymandering Thread


And thus the difference between the Democratic voters and the GOP voters is laid bare.

We are better than that, and I’m glad to see it.


It’s because our ideology isn’t just the pure pursuit of power at all costs. Also, we aren’t totally completely lacking in empathy.

Edit: Including recent Vox article I just came across 👉


It’s hard to even imagine what the country would like right now if Trump wasn’t such an incompetent piece of shit. The GOP would probably be locking down various state and local government ownership for decades, while whispering sweet nothings about the evil Democrats into their cultists’ ears.

If nothing else, at least it’s nice to know I affiliate with the party that actually cares about fair governance and democracy.


Or at least the party that will back down when confronted with significant resistance from their constituents. It’s not much, but it’s better than the other guys.


Supreme Court to hear cases on partisan gerrymandering

Be interesting to see if a decision is made this time, or we get more burying of heads in sand.


Have to make sure that only the whiteright people are voting.


Our founding fathers would hang these people.



GOP will find some (probably unconstitutional) way to weasel out if it. Have no fear!


I don’t think that will work this time. Court could order the legislature to be held for contempt, and Cooper would be happy to have the state troopers round up the Republicans.