Gerrymandering Thread


The efficiency gap as a formula isn’t particularly of note, what won the Wisconsin case was the approximately ~70 pages of further statistical analysis that Simon Jackman performed (available here).

The UK has a pretty poor efficiency gap despite having a truly independent boundary commission. Voting distribution doesn’t sync neatly with population and spatial distribution and an efficiency gap itself is not evidence of gerrymandering.
Efficiency gaps are a hallmark of single member first-past-the-post systems more than they are of gerrymandering (hence why Jackman’s research shows almost all districts to be ‘gerrymandered’).

Using a formula that breaks down in edge cases isn’t electoral reform, and electoral reform is the only thing that removes inefficiency and unfairness from the electoral system you guys use.


True, but it’s a step in the right direction. At this point I’ll be pretty happy to see any movement at all, even if it’s not true reform.



Dunno where this goes, so it’s going here.

in 2016, the Democrats took control of both houses in Nevada.

Now the GOP is trying to get a recall election going… because of… reasons?
As far as I have seen, there’s no legitimate reason for a recall. There’s no suggestion that the election was unfair, or that anyone has done anything wrong meriting a recall.

It’s just… they lost, so they want a do-over.


Jon Ralston and his new venture (the Nevada Independant) has been covering this story.
It’s shameful but par for the course in modern GOP politics.



Yes please!




It’s just absurd what those chickenshits are able to get away with.


North Carolina, baby.

This place kinda blows :-(


boom goes that dynamite.


A redrawn congressional map in NC for 2018 midterms is going to make things pretty interesting.


Do you know when we can expect to hear from SCOTUS about the Wisconsin case?


A very good and reasonable start, but it’s going to have to get through the supreme court before it’s all done, and that could be tricky.


One thing that Democrats will need to do here, is evenly apply anti gerrymandering rules going forward once this is settled. Maryland is one of the worst cases, and it’s in favor of Democrats. They are going to have to be honest about that and allow it to be fixed as well, even though it will hurt them politically to do so.


What?!? The Third District makes TOTAL logical sense!


Holy fuck, there is no way that should be legal.


Dems started the gerrymandering nonsense in NC, too. It doesn’t matter who does it, it’s wrong and should be illegal.


Exactly, it disenfranchises voters, no matter which side does it.

Also this