Gerrymandering Thread


This was a pretty huge decision by the Supremes to say “Nah” on this, because a lot of GOP folks I’d been reading on the case thought there was at least a 50-50 chance, if not better, that the Court would take it up. Alito certainly was gung ho for it, and apparently Gorsuch too.


If every single person who still supported this party were to fall over from natural causes tomorrow I’d probably throw a goddamn parade.


I’m curious how this is playing in PA. For a political party to try to impeach Supreme Court Justices after that party lost a case before that court on issues of politics and voting seems… bad. Terribad? Fucking ridiculously bad?

Are the right wing voters in PA just going to say “Activist Judges!! TRUMP 4eva!!” If so, Jesus wept.



I’m not sure how impeaching judges could even help the GOP now. It’s not like the cases they already decided get a do over.


Alito was the justice to issued the rejection, without objection from the other justices, apparently.


Interesting. Because last week when he was petitioned on it (Pennsylvania is one of his states to hear emergency appeals from) he could’ve rejected out of hand, but instead chose to proceed.


Deep state got to him!


If the legislature can’t get its act together, the court redraws the maps. Presumably the plan is to replace the judges, refuse to redraw the maps, then have new friendly judges redraw almost exactly the same maps as currently.

Doesn’t seem very likely, but since it’s now been established that no corruption is out of bounds or has consequences, might as well try everything.


Seems like that would be essentially impossible to do quickly. I feel like they’d have to actually hold a special election vote or something to impeach judges, but I dunno what the process actually is.


Just walk in and arrest them because whatcha gonna do about it, libcucks?


100% chance this has been discussed. That doesn’t mean it will happen, but they will consider everything. No norms or guardrails are off-limits.


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just released their map of what the state’s congressional districts will look like for the 2018 General Elections, and it’s about as good as Democrats – and those who believe in fair districting – could hope for.



But those blocks are far too normal looking!


It certainly achieved partisan balance… which I’m honestly not sure should be the goal as much as proper representation… but is a good, fair map compared to what the GOP was putting out there.

GOP likely to appeal in Federal appeals court… curious how that plays out. Or maybe they will follow through and impeach all the Democratic judges on the Penn supreme court.


It’s gonna be real hard for them to argue that the Federal government needs to step in and allow them to violate the Pennsylvanian constitution, for the express purpose of violating the voting rights of Pennsylvania’s citizens.

I mean, what exactly would the basis of that lawsuit be?

Also, this would not be appeals court. There is no federal case to appeal.

They would be filing a totally new federal lawsuit.


Especially since the Supreme Court already decided not to hear the case.


Life’s not fair, so why should the districts be?


Well just wait until Trump names two more Justices.