Gerrymandering Thread


The old map for reference.


Thanks for that.

One thing driving the veteran political scribes bonkers right now: the PA Supremes changed all the district numbers around completely. Reporters who have instinctively known about where the PA 18th or the 11th is are now gonna have to study up!


Kill me now


I like that the new map is largely based around an entire county or takes into account a geographical feature that separates people within a county. That makes way more sense than what we had before, obviously.


I think one of the upcoming Republicans suddenly found themselves in my district with a firmly entrenched GOP congressman, so that should be interesting


Feds declining case, for now:

Federal judges are turning down a request by Pennsylvania Republican congressmen to immediately throw out a district map, but are also saying they hope to resolve the legal challenge quickly.

A three-judge panel declined Friday to temporarily hold up implementation of the map but laid out a schedule for the parties to elaborate on their legal positions, including a March 9 hearing.

Eight incumbent members of Congress and two GOP state senators contend the state Supreme Court overstepped its authority in drawing new lines and didn’t give state legislators sufficient time to come up with an alternative.


What fuckwads… no, this fair map simply won’t do! They didn’t give us enough time to draw up another shitty one!



But…how will they keep their majority if they actually have to compete on a fairer battleground?? Seems inherently unfair to the shitty Republicans.


I hate when articles start with this as the first sentence.

A federal court backed Pennsylvania’s redrawn congressional voting map, making it likely that borders friendlier to Democrats will be in place for the midterm election as the party seeks to retake the U.S. House.

It’s not about the fucking horse race random internet news writer. It’s about the fact that the lines before were unfair bullshit lines that a political party drew to make themselves have a majority despite the will of a majority of their population.

The way this story has been framed is directly related to the dysfunction in our political system and news apparatus.



If journalists stopped reporting on politics as a team-based sport, I wonder if some people would stop thinking of elections as games.


Yeah, that’s garbage writing. This map is fair to both parties in that it is more logically drawn. That said, I’ve been shuffled into what’s likely to be just as red a district as the one I was stuck in before, but I guess we’ll see. The judges did no favors to the city of Reading and Berks County with the new map.


And now the Supreme Court has chimed in:

This finally appears done, unless the GOP actually tries to impeach their own state supreme court judges. Seems unlikely.


I believe they’ve been talking about impeaching them for weeks though, right? Don’t see why they’d let something like the Supreme Court stop them.


I think “they” is a couple of morons, not the caucus.


I think tomorrow is the deadline to file if you’re running for the primary in these new districts. The most recent things I’ve read indicated that both R’s and D’s were preparing to do just that. I don’t think there will be any impeachment.


It’s one thing to talk about, another thing entirely to actually do it.


Seriously. The impeach Obama stickers came out in 2009.


Looks like they’re gonna give it a shot after all.


There are times, in the past, wherein my city or my state has embarrassed me so fully, I’ve lied and said I’m from somewhere else, like Ohio. This might be one of those times. Fucking shitbags.