Geryk/Chick AC2 diary

I just read the CGW review, basically an account of how they got to level 20 from level 15, and thought, as a new AC2 designer (woohoo! this is so cool) I would comment on a few points.

  • Bruce says you must be crazy to make a melee character. In fact melee characters are the best in the game at this stage of its development, especially at higher levels. This is because the high level “group” monsters tend to do melee attacks, and therefore characters with melee paragon skill can stand up to them much better. In fact, at high level you see a number of non-melee types who have the expensive melee paragon skill maxed just for the defense bonus it gives. It may be true that at low levels archers with long range attacks and other classes with long ranged attacks have it somewhat easier, because some weak low level monsters can get killed before they even make it into melee range, but then at low level the game is fairly easy for almost everyone… Note by the way that even without a single XP invested in ranged skills, there is nothing stopping a human character from wielding a bow for pulling purposes and even doing some decent damage at long range, though of course real archers will do much better.

  • Support characters can indeed be at a disadvantage in low level casual pick-up groups, which tend not to be well organized or well led. It’s good to be in an allegiance if you are playing a support character, though soloing is also possible, if somewhat slower. Of course support characters are always desired in pick-up groups of any level, but naturally players tend to be more competent at higher level, and so high-level groups better understand the need to take care of the healers and so on.

  • Re crafting for good items. I think Tom is pretty much on target, it takes time and resources to do this well above tier 3. Everyone should do it for themselves at low level because it is quick and easy to get high quality weapons that way, but after a while it becomes more effective for most players to just find loot or buy it from other players. Note however that there are almost always “improvement” crafters around Cavendo or Ikeras willing to permanently improve found/looted weapons, often at cost if you can just finf the needed trophy item someplace.

  • Aha, Tom is complaining about the uberness of Fetich Spawns. This is about when the team of nancy-boy archers realizes it would be nice to have a tank or two. Human melee/defenders and Lugian melee/sages can absorb an awful lot of punishment while healing themselves, which is good in taking down the monsters with 10 to 25 times player hit point totals, while even non-healer melee types can at least evade melee attacks better than other classes. Of course the technique Tom’s group wound up using, the screaming-archer-running-in-a-circle, can work pretty well too, especially with low level monsters like Fetich spawns :)

Anyway, I thought it was a generally decent account of the game for low level players. It makes the game seem reasonably fun while pointing out some of the areas for which there is room for improvement.