Get Games Online Store - Major Issues!

Today i bought 3 games from which are part of the family. I have bought from them before and had no issues.

However today i thought i’d treat myself to a few games and bought

Serious Sam 3
Anno 2070
Batman Arkham City

Serious Sam 3 key is to be used in Steam, this didn’t work says invalid key

Anno 2070 - Downloaded installed and activation key says invalid

Batman Arkham City is still downloading but I bet it doesn’t work either

I have emailed them but their reply is office hours mon-fri 9am-5pm.

I have also emailed eurogamer to see if they know anything.

Anyone else used them or had any issues problems etc, I can’t seem to find anything negative at all?

Update, money not gone from the bank account, looks like the card was refused as the to date was wrong, still can’t understand why they processed the transaction and sent me the codes etc rather than saying card was out of date. unsure what to do now, re buy, wait for a reply or what?

Burn the card, drive to their offices, and spit on their front door.

The bastards also stole all your periods.

I had a similar issue with Deus Ex with get games, my credit card had rejected the transaction but get games opted to send me the code anyway then cancel the code simultaneously. Took me a couple of days to figure out what had gone wrong. Good luck.