Get lifetime key of MBAM Pro for $15 (50% off) before it goes yearly sub

News about the v2.0 pricing change:

Up to 3 copies at $15 each:

Note: Free (scan and clean) continues but Pro adds the useful real-time scanning.

I guess the promo is part of their software pirate outreach program:

I picked up six additional licenses–currently they aren’t actively deactivating machines that use the same code 2-3 times it seems.

That’s actually a pretty sweet deal. I hope that MBAM doesn’t screw itself up like AVG did.


Goddamnit, I LITERALLY just bought a lifetime sub yesterday for the regular price.

Err, I’m confused. I’ve been running the paid version for the past 3 years and so does that count towards v 2.0 lifetime subscription?

It should.

I mispoke. I bought a lifetime key yesterday. I had no idea they were even doing subscriptions until today. But if you have a lifetime key, you’ll be grandfathered and get to keep using the latest version for no cost.

It’s just everyone who buys after they switch who has to be pay a yearly subscription. And this is just for the Pro version (which has the real-time scanner). You can still download and use the free version, which can scan and remove malware, but doesn’t have any pre-emptive or real-time protection.

Hmm, already own this but purchased a couple of lifetime licenses to avoid having to have a yearly sub. When I installed the download, instead of either ID and key they sent me with the purchase it shows my old ID. Uninstalled, reinstalled, same thing. ?

Must be in the registry somewhere. Contact support.

Is this still the best program out there?

For the most part. Not by itself mind you.

I got to ask: what are people doing on their computers that warrants this kind of software?

Yeah, I am curious as well. I use Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender which are free. Aren’t these enough? I mean, I am very careful in clicking links or visiting website and launching attachment. While $15 is great, I do wonder how useful it is compare to MSE and Win Defender and whether I need another anti-whatever software.

It’s way better than MSE for cleanup of trojans/rootkits. Even if you don’t go to bad sites, banner ad networks get hijacked all the time. See Yahoo recently and it sometimes happens here.

It’s basically another level of security. As Malwarebytes puts it, MBAM is designed to run with anti-virus software, so it’s like having a locked gate (MSE/Windows Defender) along with an armed guard (MBAM). Yes, MSE/Defender is also anti-malware, but having two layers of security these days is better than one.

Ok, I am convinced. Thanks to OP for the great find. But we all know these won’t last a lifetime… but if they have enough yearly sub, they can survive and continue to provide update.

Is anyone using the realtime protection in conjunction with MSE? Any issues?

For years. No issues.


Yeah, by far the most common trigger that sets off MBAM on my machine is when I download Minecraft mods, which are often hidden behind the dodgiest of ad network interstitials. (Though NOD32 is catching a lot of those too now; it’s actually been a while since I last saw an MBAM alert since NOD32 tends to intercept it first.)