"Get more hits on your web site!" and other scams

Hey guys,

A friend of mine asked me if I knew anyone he could talk to about getting more traffic to his website. He runs his own business and – surprise, surprise! – isn’t get much of a return for his site. He wanted to see what his options were for getting included in more search engines, but didn’t know where he would go for that.

Does anyone here know someone or someplace I can direct him where he won’t just get ripped off?


He can capitalize his business by helping some Nigerian fellows I know with their bank account.

Silly question time: Is he running the type of business for which increased web traffic will likely lead to increased revenue? Otherwise, driving more traffic could end up costing him more than he takes in. What kind of business is it?


You can go to Google and check out their advertising rates. It was fairly reasonable last time I checked.


Is he selling a product?


I second the Google ads recommendation. See here: Google ads

He should also take a moment to make sure his site actually shows up in reasonable searches for whatever he is offering, and if it doesn’t, take steps to get the proper phrases added to his content and in some meta keyword tags, and then enter the site manually in the site submission sections of the popular search engines so that it gets re-indexed.

A very quick search for an explanation of keywords (yes I’m lazy) yielded this passable example:

edit: actually there is a good bit of info there. reasonably useful-looking after a short look around. try here:

and here:

and here:

and here:

He should probably pay Chet for a banner ad on POE…

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Don’t think I don’t know who this is! :)

No, it’s not that. He’s a guy who used to be an actor who, as near as I can tell, travels around the company and gives seminars on public speaking. I think he makes a pretty decent living doing it, too!

I figure wumpus’ and ciparis’ suggestions were right on. I’ll forward that stuff to him and let him take it from there. Thanks guys, I owe you one. Let me know if you ever have any questions about scuba diving, theology, or how Sacrifice is the greatest game ever.


Shame about that ‘or’ in there. Can I get a paragraph combining the three?