Get out those credit cards, people!

I was just looking through PC Gamer’s impending releases list and while August is pretty much a bust, it looks like September’s going to be one great, great month for PC gamers. Here are the A and B lists for September as culled from PCG, according to muttbunch:

[ul]Silent Hunter III
Call of Cthulhu
Half-Life 2
Rome: Total War
Dungeon Lords
Driver 3
Evil Genius[/ul]

[ul]Myst Revelation
First to Fight
Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia
The Sims 2
Star Wars: Battlefront[/ul]

The Rest
Fairly Odd Parents
Madden NFL 2005
Shark Tale
Atlantis Evolution[/ul]

There will be disagreement about where I’ve placed some of the games, since the lists reflect my tastes, but if you put A and B together, that’s one heck of a lot of good games being released in the pre-holiday season.

And that brings up a question: Will there be anything left? Or have publishers abandoned the holiday season as being not the most profitable time to release new games?

Whoa, I didn’t realize Dungeon Lords was this close to release. Guess I better hurry the hell up with Gothic 2.

I have to say, I definitely didn’t expect to ever see Driv3r make anyone’s A list at this point.

Mmmm, Dungeon Lords. Can’t wait.

Silent Hunter got pushed to 1Q 05, they’re adding a dynamic campaign. :)

Only because I’m kinda hungry for a drive-real-fast-through-the-city game. Plus I saw a couple of screenshots somewhere that were extremely photorealistic. It’s nothing more than that. I didn’t play D1 or D2 except for the D1 demo way back when, so if this new game’s expected to be crap, I plead ignorance. :)

P.S. I forgot DOOM3 is out in August, so next month’s not the complete loss I thought it was going to be. (Not that I’m particularly salivating over D3; but if it’s all there is, I may buy it.)

Sorry, sub sims have sucked hard for at least 10 years. Sub games without dynamic campaigns are truly products from Satan’s own publishing house (that’s less cool than it sounds, seriously). However I am getting moist over Rome another instalment of the Half-life drama.

Silent Hunter got pushed to 1Q 05, they’re adding a dynamic campaign.

I’ll read the whole thread next time, that’s good news.

Driv3r isn’t so good.

Is it just me or are the marketing efforts for Dungeon Lords rather underwhelming? Was talking to my boss last week and he mentioned that the game will ship in August and I was like “Next month already?!” Completely missed that one.

And yeah, Driv3r isn’t really an A-list title.

According to that list I require more money. yes/No/maybe for if I will get it. (Not at the same time though). Quite a good list there, I was suprised to see Myst 4 listed.

Nope. Sub Command was a great sim.

Ha. None for me thanks; October looks big for me though.

I was, too. I didn’t know it was that close to being done. Definitely looking forward to it, though. I like the idea of returning to some of the ages from the first game. And Myst III: Exile was excellent, so I have high hopes for this one.

Rome is huge, though. I am so looking forward to that game.

Sims 2 and Rome are both must haves for me, so my now frugal gaming budget will be stretched to the limit. Maybe the missus will give me some of her budget… Anyway, after a lackluster year so far, this fall and winter look like pretty good times for PC gaming.


Already have Sims 2 and Half Life 2 preordered. Plain on getting Evil Genius and Dungeon Lords. I’m on the fence over Star Wars: Battlefront.

I’ve got three preorders in already but none are on your list - probably because one is a PS2 title and another isn’t out until October. But the North American release of Crusader Kings is in September as well. I know I could have ordered it online but I decided to do some reading about the politics and warfare of the era to refresh my memory first. It’s more than likely I’ll also be picking up Rome: Total War as well at some point (and Shatterstar which is on my must-buy list but just missed the must-buy-now list.)

I’m all charged to get my hands on Call Of Cthulhu…so far it doesnt seem like many other are? I hope it really does make september; its been pushed back a couple of times already I think…

And Rome: TW of course…

didn’t the sims 2 get toned down a bunch so it’s not as edgy anymore? it’s off even my “maybe” list if it was…

Edgy? You want an edgy Sims? How so? Did you expect the entire game to be like those screenshots they passed around a few months ago?


Just wait until Octiber and pick them up at half price :)