Get the straight talk on Iraq, not the jerkjob

Tom Chittum is spot on, all the time, every time. Chittum is a real soldier, not a Pentagon desk marine.

They will exit Iraq in shame like the fall of Saigon and then the real fun will begin at home when the U.S. dollar approaches toilet paper in value.

How about you confine all your inane trumpet-resounding to one thread, “Cleve.”

So Cleve, I gather you are not in favor of the US cleaning house in Iraq. What would your grand theory of global pacification be exactly? Should we just sit back and wait for the nuclear war to start? Why shouldn’t the US search and destroy our enemies before they have a chance to attack us.

The way I see it. A war with North Korea is the most likely scenario. And I don’t think the Chineese give two shits about Korea to help them out. Korea doesn’t really want a war anyway, they just want money. We could just let india and pakistan have at it, let israel take care of the arabs like they always have, and let all the africans piss on themselves too, which is what they’ve always done.

I do think we should get out of Iraq and cut our losses as soon as possible. There is no way any sort of ‘democracy’ will work in the muslim world anyway. We should just get out and leave them to ruin themselves, because were going to take the blame for their demise whether we stay 2 years or leave now.

I just don’t see the moneychangers betting on world economic collapse, which is what will happen when the US dollar turns to ‘toilet paper’. I don’t buy this scenario. Without the US, the world will return to the dark ages, and even your precious Euro will only be good enough to wipe your ass with.

Sure, let’s attack everybody. Kill everybody. Yeah … that’s … sane. They’re all our enemies, you see, we have to get them before they get us. Wow … that’s the whackiest s**t I’ve ever heard outside of Israeli political discourse. They’re all out to get us, you see, it’s them that are the evil ones, we have to protect ourselves. Yes. Yes. They’re the ones who are aggressive and violent, we have to exterminate them all to insure our own survival. The best of them should be killed, like a snake. Hmm, sounds like the Talmud.

I was not being sarcastic when I suggested that nations can turn psychotic and that America certainly has. This is why I say … the time grows short.

Kill 'em all. Right. Attack everybody, preferably with nukes. Right. But Cleve is crazy to suggest that America could possible be retaliated against for these actions and destroyed herself with the greatest of ease. That Cleve, he’s a nut. No consistency, you see.

I believe the reason that the U.S. never seems to figure in human prophecy (which I believe works on the quantum level in terms of human consciousness) is that the U.S. has no future.

I believe the U.S. will cease to exist in the next decade and will never appear again on the stage of human history, it will be so utterly annihilated. You keep sipping your cappuccino 'til then.

It’s too late to have never attacked Iraq or merely gone after Al Quaida in Afghanistan. It’s all too late to undo any of these things. It’s too late to withdraw with honor. America has no honor left. It’s too late in the historical sense.

G.W. Bush Jr. has put the country on greased rails to the Apocalypse. You heard it here. You might have a couple years left. You might have months or minutes. Nothing can halt the spiral into the maelstrom of international chaos, the dogs of war have been loosed. There is NOTHING you could do to repair the situation this President has put you into. NOTHING.