Get your artwork in a game - Little King's Story contest

Seems like not enough people know about this cool promotion that Marvelous is throwing for their upcoming Wii title so thought I’d post it here in case anyone that loves to draw didn’t hear about it yet. Basically they are having people submit an original “UMA” (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) drawing for a chance to have their artwork appear in the actual game Little King’s Story.

100 winners will be selected by the development team so your chances of being selected are pretty high, though only one Grand Prize winner gets their art modeled into an actual 3D in-game model. If anyone’s interested, check out the full details at the contest site at

Brilliant. Why pay for artists when you can have a “contest” and get art for free.

I wonder where else they’ve posted this.

I wonder where I can forward my three gigabytes of “Friendly Dinosaurs and Cars” artwork to, after I photoshop my watermark on it. From ten thousand images, I HAVE to win. Statistically speaking, at least.

Mmm. Delicious.

I doodle shit like this all of the time.

The dickbutt needs to be represented in this contest.

Is this contest related to Little Kings Cream Ale? That shit’s tasty. Wonder if you can still get it in 8-packs…

This requires some “superbad” style art!

Well, duh.