Get your creative curses ready. There is an exclusive version of Bulletstorm on G2A.

“If you want this unique tchotchke, you have to buy it from this store!” usually elicits a hearty “Dicktits!” in response.

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I mean, it’s going to be a full price retail release with no discount for previous owners. I already wasn’t sold.

Didn’t this game come out like, 7 years ago or something, for consoles?
I’m surprised it isn’t a Windows Store exclusive?

Yup. But this is a remaster for current consoles and also to ditch GFWL on PC.

Good call on gearbox to secure an exclusive with one of those stores blocked by my bank for its credit card frauds!

Eh, I’m probably down. These guys are kind of feebly talking sequel and I’d love to see that. May as well support the effort.

edit: hang on, 249 euro? Jesus!

ugh. i’m going to have to get this eventually just because trying to go back to the original is such a pain in the ass due to GWFL.

I do want the remaster, for that among other reasons, but the idea that I am going to pay $50 or whatever for a game I already own, just a little shinier, is insane.

Maybe XLIVELess works for this, haven’t tried but it worked for Red Faction Guerilla at least.
Which version of Games For Windows, LOL™ comes with Bulletstorm?

I got this working as recently as 2015 in Win10. I think I wrote a post here cussing about how GFWL locked you into an endless loop during patch that required going to task manager to kill the exec manually.


Those list of demands are stupid, and even the most legit business wouldn’t comply with them, especially on that time table.

I think Gearbox knows that. I’m guessing they were well aware of G2A’s unsavory reputation but went ahead with the partnership anyway, thinking maybe there wouldn’t be backlash. Now that there is backlash, they come out with a crazy list of demands that allow them to back out of the deal while looking like principled heroes.

Those demands are all totally reasonable in the context of a business that isn’t encouraging fraud as part of its model, because all of them already operate under most or all of those terms.

It always feels nice when a company plays dumb and dumber with you.
Such display of modern cynicism really make my blood boil, for some reason.
I’ll go meditate to steer clear of internet-raging!

I totally disagree. Let’s assume we are not talking about G2A here and just talk about a legit key reseller and look at some of the demands.

First of all 30 days is in no way reasonable for this type of change. It completely changes the financial accounting for how you budget your reasonable costs. They now have to forecast every key as potentially fraudulent and make sure their cash on hand can maintain a much higher refund scenario.

I’m not just talking because legit fraud is being reported back to them but a lot of people will add the key to their steam account successfully and still claim that it was fraudlulent so they don’t have to actually pay for the key. This all has to be taken into account for their accounting and is not something to be done on a whim by any well run business. Ebay has some protections against this because in order to get their protection they have to have the tracking information which gives Ebay at least some measure of evidence that something with the expected weight was shipped and err on the side of the consumer.

I also am pretty meh about the idea of G2A shield being pay. I bought Twilight Princess HD used from Gamestop and during the water temple my Wii U failed to read it, stopping my progress dead. I did not pay their game insurance so I’m SOL and can’t come back to them to try and get a refund even though they sold me a defective product. Is the fact that I got 5 hours out of the game before it became defective any better?

First of all, as a developer I can clearly see how implementing something of this magnitude can take more than 90 days. This is not a trivial system to write and probably touches every part of their infrastructure in order to accommodate this.

But let’s ignore that for now and look at the other parts of it. Who is certifying these developers? Who is paying the cost for the process of validating that a developer that contacts them is actually the developer in question? How is that developer actually getting certified that they actively own the rights to revoke keys? How do they know which person at the studio actually has the proper authorization to make these calls? What if it’s actually the publisher that has that right but the developer wants that right?

Not to mention you can see issues right away in all the G2A threads on this forum and from previous article. Tiny Build THINKS that a lot of keys must be fraudulent because of their price alone, and if that’s the case what’s to stop them from from marking any key that’s sold too low as fraudulent? What’s to stop a developer/publisher that thinks that reselling legit keys for their game is a no no and go on a spree marking all of their keys as fraudulent (look at Atlus’s current enforcement of Persona 5 streaming just to see how badly this can be abused). What if a developer thinks that their game shouldn’t be sold for under $x and marks all the keys as fraudulent that are below that threshold.

It’s a massive can of worms that should not be taken lightly. Everyone even on this forum has a different idea of what’s legit, shady, and what should be forbidden.

I was being overly cynical. Following politics too much, maybe. I apologize to your blood vessels!

I don’t think Gearbox has any ulterior motive – but it’s hard to imagine they were completely unaware of G2A’s reputation.

Oh no, I meant Gearbox was the cynical one, not you.
Dang, I never seem to successfully convey what I really mean in English!

You know what, I’m changing my mind on this remaster. I had halfway talked myself into being excited for this but then being released at full $59.99 price point makes me want to wait for a sale, and shoehorning fucking Duke Nukem into this game irritates me enough to just give it a hard pass. I’ve still got my 360 and Steam copies, that’s probably enough for me.

Doesn’t this news just punch us all right in the dick? Dicks.