Get Your Hussite On! 1428: Shadows over Silesia

This demo of a game that should be releasing Tuesday is…interesting. I mean, how often do you get games about pre-Reformation proto-Protestant revolts against late medieval/Renaissance Christian orthodoxy? The opening is a lengthy history lesson on Jan Huss and the period, which segues into a fairly decent looking isometric low-poly 3D display of a column of Hussites invading Silesia, replete with names of authentic but, shall we say, somewhat unfamiliar places.

I didn’t get far enough to see how combat works because the movement controls are so off-putting to me I just couldn’t. WASD in a perspective where ARPG style mouse-clicking would be ideal made it so I was always canted off to one side and having to correct my horse’s path. I’m sure I could get over it if I wanted to. The (translated I’m sure) dialog was inconsistent, with some of it sounding pretty period real and some sort of anachronistic, but the content shows the designer takes the subject seriously and treats a lot of complex issues with due consideration.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested it is probably a worth download. It’s rather unique topic.

Well, I don’t imagine they’d mail you a CD, these days.

Heh, fixed.