Get your politics out of my medicine!

Or rather, Fuck the FDA. Oh no, people might keep an fertile egg from attaching to a uterine wall, let’s make a decision before finding out if it’s actually dangerous or not!

Good god, I can’t take my birth control because the punishment my system has been through makes my heart race when I’m on it, and I can’t risk getting pregnant because I had radiation therapy. Not only do all the doctors say I shouldn’t, not only do I not want to, but a woman from my support group had to terminate an accidental pregnancy because the sonogram revealed that the fetus was very not viable.

So fuck anyone who wants me to jump through hoops to keep my uterus baby-free, and the next Democrat who says we should relax on Roe v. Wade to win more states is gonna get a kick to the balls.

Angie are you having sex out of wedlock? You’re gonna make Pat cry :{

Within days of the committee’s vote, however, Dr. Janet Woodcock, the F.D.A.'s acting deputy commissioner of operations, and Dr. Steven Galson, acting director of its drug center, told four top staff members that the application would be rejected, even though the agency’s scientific review of the application had yet to be completed, the staff members told Congressional investigators. That review was completed in April.

Bush appointed cronies with doctorates in theology vs medicine or research?

We’re currently enjoying a Kafka-esque reality!

This make me wish I were smarter, more eloquent, and more driven than I currently am. If I were those things, I’d kiss political ass to squirm my way to the top of the FDA so that I could be the tyrant dictating womens’ health issues.

Do I get to make a “This Wong will head to the right” joke now?

That’s just plain Wong.