Getting a "BAD CSRF" message logging into Qt3

…on Firefox, Windows 10. Anyone else?

(I’m writing this in iOS Safari, no problem here, obviously).

No problems in Edge browser, Windows 10, either.

Weird Firefox plugins? Have you tried in Firefox safe mode aka “restart with add-ons disabled”?

Firefox on Linux here and no issues. Firefox on Windows 7 (at home) has no issues either, or at least didn’t 12 hours ago.

Hmm, well, restarting Firefox with add-ons disabled did the trick. I guess the question is, why did this only start giving me trouble now? My only two extensions are LastPass and UBlock Origin, and I have Qt3 whitelisted in any case, now that it’s an ad-free site (and I’m a Patr[e]on).

BTW, in general I’m finding that the site seems to log me out much more frequently lately, and I have no idea why. I’d only noticed it on iOS Safari before but now it’s happening in Windows 10 as well