Getting a syringe is so difficult

I went to the drug store last night and asked for a syringe. I have this Parker fountain pen that uses cartridges, and I really want to try some brown ink, but Parker doesn’t make brown cartridges (they don’t make any ink at all besides black and blue, actually). The local art supply store sells brown ink only in the form of Schaeffer cartridges, which don’t fit in the pen. So, to ink the pen (cheapest solution without buying a converter), I have to extract ink from a Schaeffer cartridge and inject it into an empty Parker cartridge. Hence the syringe.

The lady behind the counter eyed me warily when I asked where the syringes are, and pointed me at the ear wax removal kits. “These giant rubber hoses are the best we can do,” she said. Yeah, right. I pried further.

She said they only give out syringes with needles with a prescription, to patients with diabetes. I explained what I needed the syringe for, and she went back to talk to the pharmacist. I could see the two of them talking and pointing at me from behind the partition.

She came back a few minutes later with a syringe and handed it to me. “Here you go,” she said. “Free,” she added.

Now, I can understand the “no syringes without a prescription” rule; I can also understand allowing people to purchase syringes (isn’t there a needle exchange program? Doesn’t it extend to pharmacies?). But this was kind of straddling the line between the two – I didn’t purchase the syringe, and I didn’t have a prescription for it. The experience left me confused. WTF?

However, I can now ink up my pen…

Why would syringes be restricted? The whole point of needle exchanges is to give druggies lots of needles. I’m surprised it was free, but you should be able to just buy needles whenever you want. It’s not like they come with heroin inside them.

Without a receipt, they can’t track the syringe back to the pharmacy.

Well i mean they come in boxes of like 500 if you use them or have a need for them (like a diabetic dog, which i have); the cost per shot is miniscule. I don’t really know of any specifics but i there are a patchwork of state and local laws restricting syringe sales in some misguided attempt to regulate or reduce drug use; ie, nobody likes seeing used syringes on the streets.

Only whores buy condoms. Are you a whore?

Oh sorry, you said syringe. Well only heroin users buy syringes. Are you a heroin user?

Better yet, why didn’t you just buy a bottle of brown ink and a converter?

Just mix it with milk and drink it. That really bad movie with Giant Head and X-Files guy taught me that.

Syringes are restricted.

She was being nice.

I’m not sure I see the problem.

Jesus Christ fire. After the 420 Passover thread, I’m seriously worried about you. Obviously this is all a cry for help. We’re here for you whenever you’re ready to confront your “matzoh ball” and “pen refilling” habits for what they REALLY ARE. I just hope this doesn’t end up on some street corner with paramedics pumping your stomach. STOP NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

Internet intervention time, gang!

I know all the kids are doing “brown ink” these days, but seriously, that stuff will mess you up.

Yeah, this is why needle exchange programs are controversial

Actually this happened to my friend, who like to work out down in Florida, he was looking to buy some syringes because you need to inject HGH(human growth Hormone). He couldn’t get it from any drug store end up having to buy them online.

Is this an alt account? Are you for real? This has got to be a joke account.

I’m going for the cheapest (in the short-term) solution.

Don’t use the brown ink. The brown ink is bad.

oooookay, it’s illegal to sell HGH in US, but he got it from other country. It’s not illegal to use HGH, HGH isn’t even on the list of controlled substance in US.

I like how his art gets better and better the more stoned he gets.

Like you don’t inject HGH. Come on, ElGuap. Everyone’s doin’ it.

To the yentamobile!