Getting around firewall in hospital

Will NordVPN allow me to get around the hospital firewall? They block half of Youtube and lots of other normal stuff on the Internet.

Nah, the hospital routers are still going to monitor any traffic in and out. You would need to attach to an outside network.

UM Guest was always pretty wide open iirc, if you can reach it.

The UM hospitals’ guest network is now a different thing than the MGuest that the rest of the campus uses, so I fear the med one is going to be really locked down.

Actually that’s sort of exactly what proxies are designed for. Now whether or not the network has blocked all the NordVPN IPs, that I do not know. But if you can connect, it should work?

Yes, the VPN will work if the hospital doesn’t block it. Most commercial VPNs will offer service on 53/UDP or 443/TCP (former is preferable) which almost nobody blocks.

The routers can monitor it all they want, it’s encrypted.

You could also upgrade your cell phone to unlimited for one month and tether, if it came to it.

Well no, they could use DPI to block VPNs, but that would be pretty unlikely.