Getting Dom2

Hiya, interested in getting Dom2… I thought it was buyable and then downloadable but I don’t see that option at Shrapnel… So do I have to get it shipped?



Yep. As you’re in the UK you can use the UK supplier… which I’ll find in just a second.

Here we go:

I’ve ordered from them a few times, they’re fairly quick.

Oops, New Zealand now, so I guess I’ll have to get it shipped out if I like the demo. Grrr. Games huh! Making me spend cash, darn it!


Uh oh… only $44.95, looks like I might be fixing to buy this. I sure do miss not having a box that comes along with it. How is the manual? Does it make up for the lack of box?

it’s big but not as all-encompassing as I’d hoped.

The manual leaves much to be desired but the spell reference section is handy.

BTW, carries Dom2.

Yeah that manual isn’t too bad. It’s mostly focused on item listings. There’s a decent amount of player-made help available tho. The intro/walkthrough by Bruce Geryk is a must I think.

Darn you all talking about this game for months. Ordered.


Woohoo, more fodder!! :twisted:

Oh wait…I’m fodder too! :roll:

I played the demo till 5 am last night (ok so i’m unemployed :D )… just trying out gods and strategies, wow… so deep!