Getting less fat in 2017... With technology!

I don’t think there is a general consensus, because we haven’t really had enough time to research. The Danish study came out last week, so I am sure it will be dissected more, but this definitely is not something that is solid enough for a general consensus to be made. The Epic study is from late January 2024.

The Epic team found that among 20,274 people who were prescribed semaglutide and lost at least 5 pounds, about 18% regained all of the weight they had lost within a year of stopping the drug, and some people even added more pounds.

But the new Epic study also showed that 56% of people “either remained around the same weight they were at when stopping the medication or continued to lose additional weight,” the authors wrote. The researchers did not publish an exact figure of how many people maintained their weight loss of 5 pounds of more during the 12 months after stopping the drug, but they did report that more than 1 in 3 people in the study lost at least another pound during that year, and 19% of the people more than doubled their weight loss.

Only 18% had regained all the weight back in a year or gained more, and over 50% maintained or lost more weight. In a study with over 20k participants 18% does not seem like a majority of people gain the weight back.

I think we are far from reaching a consensus here, and as more people begin taking the drugs and stop taking them, we will get a lot more data. Especially as we move away from studies done by the drug-maker itself, which has a vested interest in keeping people prescribed the drug.

Also, found my BMI chart from my MyChart

Wonder what happened in late 2023? :slight_smile:

I am now basically the same weight I was a decade ago.

Stuff like this is super encouraging.

Indeed, it’s lifechanging, miraculous, really something else.

Semaglutide - Tired
Tirzepatide - Wired
Retatrutide - Inspired

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