Getting new drivers for my Toshiba

Got a Toshiba Tecra A7 laptop, and I understand you can’t really install generic drivers for 'em. Especially the video card… but I’m at a loss to work out where to find the drivers I think I need! The Toshiba website sucks frankly, so I’m stuck. Google did me no good either.

Can the hive mind save me?

Hive mind says: Toshiba Canada drivers download site
Pick “Notebook”, Tecra, A7, then you’re on your own figuring out the model number. Hopefully it’s on the bottom of your laptop.

Start here.

Stars! Thanks muchly.

O dear, my A7 product line number isn’t listed, and drivers from the other linked site didn’t work (failed on install). Darn!

You might need to find out which country your Tecra came from, and go visit the Toshiba support site for that country, to get proper running drivers. Or google search your product number…

Thanks, think I might have found what I’m looking for.