Getting new lungs tomorrow!

Excellent news Jeff!

*Not sure if the photo is of Lungs or Testicles, but either way good luck!

Hot Diggity! Best of luck, JP!

Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.

Good luck, man! Make sure they blow out all the dust and gunk while they’re in there to leave that chest looking fresh.

I have never before called upon him, but I am invoking my keyboard Cthulhu to deliver Jeff a successful procedure!

All the love and support from the ancient depths to you!

Good lord, that’s amazing! God speed, you Frop Emperor!

Best of luck Jeff; will be thinking of you.

Best of luck man!

That’s fantastic news Jeff, good luck!

Great news! Best of luck and we are definitely cheering you on!

Exciting news Jeff! Finally! And terrifying I’m sure, but you’ve got this.

I am already praying for you!

Rock on dude.

Excellent news, indeed. Pulling for ya, Jeff.

Incredible news!!


You got this, Jeff!

As a fellow transplant recipient (heart) this is awesome news!

Good luck, Jeff! I hope it’s all you ever expected and even more. I’ll be here rooting for you.

Awesome, good luck tomorrow!