Getting new lungs tomorrow!

Good luck!

Oh hell yeah. I saw the thread title and was overcome with happiness. You got this Jeff!

Woot! Here’s to good news, and more of it!

Hellllll Yeaaaaahhhhhh

Nice! Great news, Jeff!

Awesome news, congratulations!

I am deeply concerned about your testicles.

Way to go Jeff!

Awesome news, Jeff!!

Wow, what amazing news!

Godspeed Jeff.


Wishing the best for you.

Awesome news, all the best for this.

That’s terrifically exciting! Now you can finally take up smoking!

Best of luck with your new set and maybe keep the old ones as punching bags. Yeah, they got you this far, but what have they done for you lately?

Amazing news!

Go get them!

I don’t think I’ve posted in any of the @jpinard health threads because I never quite know what to say, but I have been following along and hoping for the best. But finally I have something to add:

Great news and I’m wishing you a quick recovery!

All the best, Jeff! We’re all cheering on team #frop!

Excellent news! Go get that upgrade and level up!!

I’m so happy for you. You deserve some good luck.