Getting new lungs tomorrow!

A lung transplant during a solar eclipse? Congrats on your super-villain origin story!

Good Luck, sure it will go well

Aww, this is fantastic news and I wish you all the best jp!

Hoping for the best

Good luck. We’ll be thinking of you.

Man, you have a no-phone-or-Internet evening, and amazing things happen while you’re gone! Maybe I should unplug more often. :) Go get those lungs, Jeff, you’ve got this!

Being one of the local QT3’ers here in West Michigan, I volunteered to be the point person for updating the QT3 community on the process. Jeff’s wife Jen has my number and will let me know when anything major happens. Here’s your first update!

The surgery is currently scheduled for noon, which is the earliest they could get the surgeon and Jeff and the lungs all in the same place. The transplant team says that everything looks good right now, but of course you never know completely totally for sure until you actually have the new lungs in front of you. So they’re going to do all the prep and be ready, so that when the lungs arrive the surgeon can do a final in-person look and make sure the lungs look like a fit for Jeff. If all looks right, they’ll proceed right then and there!

Whooo. Excited and nervous! Let’s go!

Yea, very nervous, can’t imagine what he must be going through. All appendages pressed for a smooth operation.

Awesome! I hope all goes well, Jeff and thanks for keeping us posted @ineffablebob!

Great news, that’s made my day! Keeping you in my thoughts Jeff.


Great news, Jeff!! Good luck! We’re all in your corner.

Awesome news!

Fantastic news. All the best to you Jeff, will be thinking of you.

Whoa! Best of luck!

Great news. Best of luck

Maybe he’ll eat lightning and crap thunder!

And as Triggercut said, thanks Bob!

Thanks for the update @ineffablebob

Thinking about you all day and hoping for the best @jpinard

New update! The operation is going to be tomorrow instead of today. No details on why, but my best guess is that pushing for today was rushing preparation and they want to make sure everything is done absolutely right. Jeff’s being moved into the transplant ward shortly and the plan is to operate tomorrow!